Monday, December 20, 2010

Ambassador - Video Conferencing

In 2010 I have been an ambassador for Pt England School.  My role has been to talk about my learning to hundreds of visitors who have come to our school from all over the country and around the world.

This video shows you what I had to say about how Video Conferencing helps us learn - and is fun

This is the transcript of my presentation:

"We really enjoy using Video Conferencing to connect with other people and to help us with our learning.  Sometimes we connect with kids our own age and find out about their lives and talk about issues together.  Sometimes we connect with experts who can help us with our Inquiries.  And sometimes WE are the experts and people contact us to help them.

 At the end of last year we were part of the Global Rock our World Project on Tolerance. 

 As part of this our students got to collaborate in recording a song called Shine Your light.  You can buy the song, with us singing in it, on iTunes, and you can see the music video they made on YouTube! It is very cool. 

This year we are joining in a project called Walk Our World where we are joining with other kids to actually walk all around the world.

  Recently we met the Nike shoe designer and submitted our own designs for a Nike shoe!  

One of the best parts of Rock Our World is getting to talk with kids from other countries on iChat.  We have made  friends now in Peru, Hongkong, Australia, Tokyo and America.

I am sure you have all heard about some of our kids getting to video conference with Will Smith last year.  They spent about 30 minutes with him on iChat and he was really fun to talk to.  They collaborated in writing a poem with him and he sent us a copy of it which is hanging in the school foyer.  That poem is also on YouTube if you search for Will Smith, Shine Your Light.

Belonging to the KAREN high speed network has given us the opportunity to connect with people around NZ who can help us with our learning.
Hamish Campbell has been a great friend of the school because not only is he a paleontologist, but he also knows lots about geology. So when we were learning about dinosaurs, he was our expert to tell us all about it. 

He seemed to really like talking to us too, so when there was a big earthquake in the South Island and NZ shifted 30cm closer to Australia, he emailed us and asked if we would like to know what had happened!  Of course we said yes. We wanted to know how soon we would be meeting up with Australia. We aren't ready to be Australians yet!  

I told you that sometimes we are able to use Video Conferencing to help other people with their learning!  You may be surprised to hear that most of the people we have helped are adults!  From time to time adults want to know about eLearning and because they can't visit us here like you are, they book us in for a video conference.   And last year two of our students got to talk to thousands of teachers at the Ulearn conference in Christchurch, sitting right here at Pt England School.

And it's not just our senior students who get to do this.  One of our Year 3 classes, Room 10, have been helping a professor at the University of South Alabama in America teach his post graduate students about eLearning!  They use Skype to talk to his students during their lectures.  

Video Conferencing helps us make connections with anyone, anywhere in the world.  It also can happen at anytime. We have had to have sleepovers and some very early morning starts to be able to speak to people in some of the countries. That is all part of the fun.  

It it a great way to learn things and become better at communicating."

Minister Heatley speaking to us after we gave our presentation.

Minister of Housing, Phil Heatley, was one of the people we presented to this year.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Minigolf Champion

On the first week of the holidays I went to sleep at my cousins house. I was really happy because I like sleepovers. I wonder what would happen the next day, propably Mini golf.

We had a cool night watching Rocky IV. I like Rocky and how he beat Ivan Drago. It was sad when Apollo Creed got killed and Rocky had to fight. It was good that he won.

The day came and I was wondering what we would do today. Thoughts hit my head out of control. I didn’t know what we were going to d truthfully, but i was really really desperate to know.

My Uncle told us to hop in the car. He told us we were going to a cool place. The cool place was “Minigolf”. It was the “Onehunga MiniGolf”. I had 1 of the worst starts in my first hole getting a 9 on a par 2.

I got better though. On hole 5 I had a streak of getting my ball in the hole first. I did that 4 times. On hole 9 I was bad again, getting a 6. I had the advantage out of everyboy though. I should be munting this game up. But I wasn’t, It was my 5 year old cousin. Who was winning.

It came up to the last hole, I won by one hit. It was a very awarding feeling, at the same time as a guilty feeling. I guess next time I guess I should go easy next time.

The End

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fiafia drummers

On the last week of the school term on Thursday we had a festival. I was in the Drumming group. It was very cool. We even had a basketball part. I was in it. Overall I would give us a 8.5 out of 10. We had good fun and enjoyed ourselves. My stage fright got knocked out of the window when the climax builded. It was a cool night. One I'll remember.
Note: I am the one on the left holding the black basketball.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Panthers Exit The Finals Series

This week there were two games for the NRL finals series, the West Tigers Vs the Canberra Raiders and the Sydney Roosters Vs the Penrith Panthers. The Sydney Roosters had a storming game beating the Panthers 34-12.

The Roosters were already the hot favourites because Penrith had lost a couple of experienced players like Trent Waterhouse (torn pectoral) and Frank Pritchard (hamstring). They also lost speedster Michael Jennings. To add on top of that, they also lost an experienced back rower Luke Lewis and Gavin Cooper after a corked quad.

The Roosters hadn't changed much in their lineup against the West Tigers. They still had inspirational Sean Kenny-Dowall, Minichello and Carney (Player Of The Year). Mitchell Pearce scored a beautiful try when they quickly spread the ball wide. He made a lot of breaks and had a very good game in defence. Todd Carney controlled the game very well and he played a beautiful kicking game with 4 from 6 conversions.

Braith Anasta is a player that is like Carney, he controls the ball well, has a good step and is pretty fast scoring two tries. The Roosters had a cruising win, 34-12. The Panthers needed to lift their game early or they would be punished by points. Sadly, they had no chance of coming back since the ball kept spilling out of their hands early in the tackle count. Carney was very effective during the game. So was Braith Anasta. Their next opponent is the Gold Coast Titans. Hopefully, they beat the Titans and either face the Dragons or the West Tigers. I don't really care who they face because, their gonna go all the way and win.

Thanks to for the picture of Todd Carney.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Cross Country Story

The old abandoned house creaked in the Autumn night. As I took wider steps home I realised that I could hear footsteps, like someone was following me. The wind gushed at me like I was it’s target. The bushes started shaking as I walked past. “Hello” , said Forrest Vosler. He was with James Rudder and Vernon Baker.” Look at what we got here” snarled James. “I'm a better person than you” I snapped. Furious, they beat me until I was a bloody mess. “ Smarty pants aye?” Vosler snarled. He left me lying on the footpath. I was angry but knew to keep my anger in check.

I came to school like shrapnel hit me from every angle. The incident the night before was not told to anyone, to make matters worse Cross Country was today. Training was more like boot camp since I worked so hard. “You’re a mess” said John Finn. He was my friend, only friend that knows me or at least talks to me. “ It’s D-Day today (Cross Country) and you’re in bad condition, we should shift you to the rear”. “Nonsense” I said “ I must do the race”. I was scared and nervous though and knew that the task that lay ahead would be difficult.

I’m eleven years old by the way. I'm not the toughest in the food chain, but I know when to show what I got when I need to. The bell rang stinging my ears as I went to sit in my line. Forrest Vosler and Vernon and James are all the same age as me. They think their all that , but I think their crooks. Oh and by the way I go to James Brown Elementary School. As usual, the oldest kids raced first. The wind made me shiver. Mr Smith came on the field saying I should not run. “Nonsense” I said in return,” I’ve got the heart of a lion,I can’t give up now.” “Bang “ went Mr Smiths pistols.

I ran and ran in little spurts in the beginning. There are a lot of 11 year olds in our grade, and they're all fast. I was lagging behind because I got tripped up in the very start. “Hahaha” was the only thing I could hear. I got back up though and joined the herd. I was starting to get reluctant when the pain in my wounds acted, The pain was excruciating. I took one step after another. The pain grew worse and worse.

I got to half way and started limping. Sprinting was the only thing that I had in my head. I was coming around 7th or 6th and realised the people in front of me were giving me a whopper of a hiding. The ground was the total opposite to a horse racing ground. It makes you slow and is sort of like quicksand. The worst thing that could have ever happened, did. One of the wounds opened. “Ahh” I shrieked with great pain.

The finish line was in view, 2oo m away.The hardest part of the race was near because I’m coming 4th and the people in my way to winning this thing or getting a place is Vernon, James, Vosler. “Oh Lord, please no. Not these guys that I have have to face up with. I’ll kill myself! I said in my head. I fell to the ground but got back up. Covered in mud and body about to give up, I run and run. Vernon Baker was in front, I passed him only to be barged and of balance. Rudder, James Rudder was my next victim. With 150m left. We were running together though for quite a bit. “Well, smarty has come to join the party” said Rudder. I ignored and passed him.

“Vosler” I said in my head. “Your going down potato head” shouted Vosler as he looked behind. He was surprised to see me, but then again I was gaining fast metres fast. With about 70m of space between me and the finish, I catch Vosler. “Holy” he said. We both sprinted and sprinted. 10m left to go and another wound started to ache. I took a deep breath. It was like I: had been gunned and lived. The finish was right there. I dived and landed on my wounds. I was out of breath. Like I had to swim a 200m swimming pool.

Silence overcame the field until Mr Smith came out. One person pointed at Forrest Vosler. Mr Smith shook his head. When the man pointed at me Mr Smith nodded. At that very moment I knew that I had won. John Finn said,” Hey Captain, or should I say der geist”. “What....Does.... that.... mean....”I said. “The Ghost” said John, “That’s what the other competitors think you are cause every time they think you’re out for the count, you came back.”

Note: Some of these names are really people who are army men.
All these men are at rest at the "Arlington Cemetery".

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Billy Joel

This photo is a photo of Billy Joel and some others when he was young. He was singing "For The Longest Time". Not many people like oldies music like me in my class, ( possibly even the school ). He is very AWESOME and has sung with Legendary "Elton John". Together they sang "I Guess That's Why They Call Me The Blues". He was born on 1949 on May the 9th. He was singing actively in the 1960's and sang one of the all time favourites, "Piano Man". In fact, the song "Piano Man" is coming no. 25 on the "Billboard Hot 100". Billy Joel is a American music artist that inspired the world. As a kid, I am shocked to see that his songs weren't chosen to be on the top of the music list. 1999 is a special year for him, this is because in 1999 he was inducted to the "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame" ( just like Michael Jackson ). I think he is one of THE BEST singers that entered this world. He contributed with some of the best in the world. He's a singer I'll never forget, plus if he ever comes back, ( which is not likely). Then he'll be a stunner.

Thanks Billy for all you've done.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

D'wayne's story

On Friday the 12th of March the extension group had a conference with D'wayne Edwards. He told us how he became a shoemaker,why he became a shoemaker. Just in case you don't know who D'wayne Edwards is? he is a Nike Shoe desinger.

His story all started off when he was 7. At this age he admired drawing and sketching. But it wasn't until he was eleven when he started to draw shoes. The weird thing was that he stuck to that topic and decided to draw shoes ever since. He knew that in his mind that there was a career ahead of him. And there was. His first shoe was an amazing shoe, but the thing is that it was designed long before it turned into reality.

I think he is a living model, sort of like Dr. Ben Solomen Carson. He is very insparational and can be someone you can lean on when you need help.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inside Rugby

This post is just a brief manuel or instruction book on how to play rugby. This sport is very common in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Here are some of the basic rules of rugby:

1. The ball must be passed backwards

2. There must be 15 players on the field and 7 reserves

3. You are not aloud to dive over a ruck for the ball.

4. Tackles are to be under the shoulder

5. A try is 5 points and a conversion is 2 points

6. Knock-ons are when the ball is knocked forward

7. Scrums have all 8 fowards

8. There must be 7 backs and 8 forwards.

9. When the ball is out a line-out happens

10. line-outs include all 8 forwards

11. Hookers through the ball in

12. The Halfback feeds the ball in a scrum

So now you now some of the basic rules of rugby. Why don't you try it out sometime, and who know, maybe soon you'll be out there playing for YOUR COUNTRY.

Monday, August 9, 2010


You may think this is just a joke, or even just a plain old brain teaser. But I think it's to help draw maps. You see, we are going to make a treasure map, Previously, we have been practising , such as drawing maps from school to our house. Even our ICT (Information, communication and technology) lab. But the funny thing is that we had to sit at our computers and draw Mrs Tele'a ( Our Teacher between 2:00- 3:00). At first I thought it was a joke and that we were going to be told to go on our blog. But we weren't, we were told to draw her from the angle we were sitting at. Weird Huh? Anyway I knew I was a goner because drawing is not my thing. My Perspective was easy. My drawing actually turned out to be pretty good. I guess this activity was good if we want to be Map makers

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Maori Discovery

Dating back to 1000 years ago, the Eastern Polynesians people were the first ever to cross the southern pacific ocean and discover Aoteroa (New Zealand). These people were called the early maori. Their vessels were 15-20 meters long and normally it would have one hull, but sometimes have two or an out-rigger. Finally, Aoteroa (New Zealand) was found.
The Eastern polynesian people couldn't navigate on their own, so they brought navigators to navigate them to their destination. They used the stars to navigate. They also followed birds in the day. Not many east polynesian people made it to New Zealand even though there were STORMY seas, they reached the land of Aotearoa.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"What A Sight"

We drove up the driveway, " Plonk Plonk Plonk Plonk". The Sun was shining and Mum and Dad decided to go out. It was the second week of the holidays and I felt like it was only the first. We went to a place called Butterfly Creek.

When we were in the car I read a book about World War II Heroes; where I read about Desmond Doss, a Medic in the war who saved almost 80 lives. We walked in and bumped into a big line that lead to the counter. Surprisingly, it only took a few minuets until we got what we wanted (our tickets). We went to look at the fishes. When we walked past the door I saw a little steering wheel that comes from a olden day ship. I pretended I was Benjamin Franklin sailing the Seven Seas. As I imagined me as a Sailor I got cut off as Mum and Dad walked away, so eventually I followed.

After we finished admiring the fish we made our way inside a doorway that led to a room full of butterflies. It was a big and hot room that had the heat of three heat pumps. There were butterflies in every direction I turned. It was amazing. Lots of butterflies landed on me and stayed on me for quite a while. One came on my head as well. The room was hot and stuffy but because I had made a new friend it didn't matter. The atmosphere in the big room was hot but since it's the winter in the southern hemisphere.

The alligators and crocodiles were my next subject and believe it or not, it was cool. You see, I reckon it was one of the best because at the end we got to take a photo with a Crocodile. That was pretty cool. But before that a man came out to tell us about the crocodiles, it's diet and lack of exercise.

Before long, we made our way to the farm animals. It was exciting feeding the animals. The goats tongues are pretty tough when met hand. We went to the train after that. Taking two rounds around the route, I used my time to wave at others and gaze at the farm animals. As I hopped of my little sister was full of enjoyment.

The sun set as the day folded into an end. It felt as though the time was going to fast but that is probably what lots of people think. We drove back and left a building full of lots of exciting things. We arrived home and rested for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Mighty Assembly

I sat down on the floor in the hall. It was the first day of school for Term 2 and it seems to me like it would be a good and interesting topic this term. I looked around and saw another teacher called Mr Barkes, he was a Viking. The topic for this term was Mighty Mariners.

All of the teachers teams had to perform a play, skit or animation to give us students a little hint about this Terms Topic. All of the teachers did well, but out of all of them the best team that I liked was team 1. They did an animation and i thought that it was pretty cool. Their animation was about Kupe and how he brought the seven canoes to New Zealand Aotearoa. It was a good animation with a lot of detail and it was concise.

The Topic " Mighty Mariners" is a good topic we all can learn. I like watching sharkmen and lot's of channels on Animal planet so I am looking forward to this term. As I walked out of the assembly I wondered awaited for me later on in the term. At the same time I thought what "A MIGHTY ASSEMBLY".

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rugby World Cup

Below is just a brief report on some teams weakness and Strengths. Also key players and their chances of winning the World Cup. Read more to find out about Australia, South Africa and New Zealand

Australian rugby is a well known side for their stand-out players like Stephen Larkham, Stirling Mortlock and George Gregan. They are known for there outstanding attack and kicking. This is why they are in the Tri-nations. They have won a World cup a couple of times, but if they want to do that again in 2011, they would have to improve there scrums.

Scrums for the Kangaroos is a weakness, that showed when they faced England on their 2nd test match. And they lost 20-21. Some say that it's there forwards fitness but others say they put on to much beef. I think that it's fitness. Skipper Rocky Elsom really needs to encourage his boys when the time comes for the cup. Both Rocky and Gituea needs to tell their forward pack to step up.

Elsom has a lot of rookie's that he needs to handle. But with his skill, he can bring them up to world class level in the test matches. Hopefully before the world cup.

In the England and Australian game and the Australian-Fijian game. Adam-Ashley Cooper kept on being shut down when he ran the ball up, So did Giteau. They have a good kicking game. Quade Cooper and Matt Giteau really know how to break the line but if they want to win the world cup they would have to do now and again. There chances are in my point of view would be 8/10 because the Springboks forwards can smash the Australian forward pack.

You don't need to say much when you hear the words "Springboks rugby" or "South African Rugby", you would already know who there talking about. World No.2 rugby team Springboks. They are prop ably the best rugby team now because they have made history in 1995 when they had to take on New Zealand in the finals.

Jonah Lomu was playing for the New Zealand team. He was known as a monster when he scored four tries in the semi-final against England (and he was only in his young years of world class rugby). Amazingly, South Africa beat what seemed to be the impossible New Zealand side 12-9 at extra time. New Zealand had a chance to win when it was locked 9-9. They passed the ball to Andrew Merhtons but Mertohns missed the drop goal and so they won. They also won the 2007 world cup.

The Springboks have a lot of confidence when they play. They have a lot of key players like Morne Steyn, Bryan Habana, Victor Matfield, Joe Peterson, Wynand Oliver and BJ Botha. These players are the skippers, the magic men of this side. Victor Matfield is a really good Captain and he knows when to speak up on, and of the paddock. Matfield is one of the oldest and most experienced South African athelete for rugby. He plays with great dignity and he also works hard until the last second of each match.

The South Africans Skipper Joe Peterson had a good season when he was playing for the Bulls. He was a player that knows how to break the line and find gaps now and then. Missing vital tackles for him is impossible because he has such a good tackling technique. Bryan Habana and Morne Steyn is one of the greatest combinations that is known for try-scoring and line breaks. Unlike Richie McCaw and Daniel Carter, Steyn is a Five Eighth who kicks at a good pace and possession.

My bets are on the South Africans with all my money because firstly there only weakness is if the opposition passes the ball to the wing. But if your the opposition then be bright and don't go to Habana's wing because he might intercept or just cut you down. So be aware or be in your top shape because your not then they will beat you to the death 50-0 (in my opinion).

New Zealand, is one of THE BEST RUGBY countries in the WORLD. Colin "Pinewood" Meads is the best rugby player in all history. New Zealand are well known for there outstanding attack and defence. But the only thing that puzzles me is that they only one one World Cup in all HISTORY.

Now the All Blacks only have a handful of key players, strengths. Richie and Carter is an elite combination for this side and in my opinion there our only hope to win.

The reason why is because the men that should still be skippers like Rokocoko or Muliiana is not performing as they used too. Joe never breaks the line any more and Malili is a bit off his game. Malili is our ONLY fullback because the rookie Israel Dagg can't play world class like him. Hooker Kevin Mealamu is one of of two people that are over thirty, so he should be as good as Carter or McCaw since he has lot's of experience. Kevin had a good game against the welsh, he was fast at the breakdown and worked hard to recycle the ball.

Nz needs to test the oppositions weakness, and do there homework on other key players. Testing weaknesses is what we haven't done. A key for Nz when they face the Kangaroo's is that they have to use their scrums in order to beat the Australians. Spreading the ball against the Springboks needs to be done. If Nz don't win the World Cup or get to the finals the people would say that that is Nz's last chance. People also say that France MUST take over Nz's place in the Tri-nations if they don't win or become second

The 2011 World Cup is coming up and all teams that has been talked about needs to be ready for every game. If they don't Some other teams from the six nations might whip either one. Every team has an opportunity at the same time as every team has a weakness so what Nz, Sa and Oz needs to do is polish their weaknesss. Good Luck to all teams

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is my PMI

Mount Tarawera is a New Zealand mountain that exploded about century ago.
In extension we had to create a movie that was a bout Mount Tarawera. Below it shows
a brief reflection of how this went.

P: The positive stuff was that we had a pretty good team to work with and we all helped
each other. Picking ourselves up in times of trouble is what we were good at. My
editing was normal but the only thing that was positive was that I finished my part of
the project fast and the quality ( in my point of view ) was a bit good and a bit pitchy.
Being part of team means having good respect to others. Sort of like having respect to
ref every time I play Rugby League. I was good at respecting others throughout this
project. But I need to do that more in order to have a happy life. (Don't worry this
comes to you to).

M: We went a bit slow even though we all had our own parts to do. Going slow was our
pace and our type of work. I worked sloppy though compared to some of the others in
my group. My scripting was average, but the thing that was bugging me (and was
probably bugging me since I was five) was that people kept talking to me. In order to
make my work go slower. Instead of me ignoring, I joined in. Trying not to talk to
anyone is probably the hardest thing that I could do.

I: Joshua was a REAL highlight of the whole project because he did lot is of work in a
small amount of time. MATTHEW was a guy who would stick his head down and work,
he wouldn't put it up unless his work was finished. I was good too. The work I did was
published and although I didn't work at my highest expectations I know now what to
improve and what I know I am good at.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rock Our World

I have just been part off a global Rock Our world project on "Shoes" I learned that a shoe is much more than a piece of fabric. It has a meaning and a purpose. I have also had a conference with every one and the Rock Our World manager (Carol ann Mcguire) and the infomation below is just a brief reflection about me this year. We also made commercials for a shoe that we made.

Reflection 1: What did I do well

2: How could I have improved on what I did
Not to look sidewards and to behave, Commercial and to

3:What held you back
Talking and when I was stuck I tried to not ask for help

4:Focus and move away

5: purpose:
1.To Educate people
2. To bring people together
3. To give people a step to bigger things
4.Make friends
5. More chances too meet other people and learn

You can also see the conference if you click here ROW.

Monday, May 31, 2010

A Pokey Situation

Hokey Pokey is a funny word. It reminds me of the ice-cream Hokey Pokey. But on Wednesday the 26th 2010 everything changed when we made Hokey Pokey. I'll begin.

Firstly, we went to the kitchen with lots of excitement. I didn't know for sure what this was. but I knew that the name says it all. Mr Hunia told us to go around him and watch what he would do. Mr Hunia took out a saucepan and started to add sugar. He then put some golden sugar in the pot and constanly stirred the mixture. All of a sudden , the suger and syrup dissolved into a kind of golden, yellowish( Must be because of the the syrup). Baking Powder was added in the mix and froth rised, because of the Baking Powder caused a chemical reaction. Then the mix started to rise and grow in size and change in colour and shape.

We then had to wait for the mix to cooldown, which didn't take long. The Hokey Pokey was cooled like lava cooling into scoria rock. The Hokey Pokey was funny looking when it came to the eating part. It was really lumpy too. But the taste was pretty much syrup with too much sugar.

This is a experiement that can help to understand lava a bit more. I would rate this event 6 out of 10 because the taste was under average but at least I enjoyed it, and who knows. Maybe if you do this you might enjoy it to

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Summit

Thursday the 20th of May 8:15. It was a blank day as my cousin, brother and I walked to school in the mist. As I entered the school gates I wondered what surprise awaits for me today. The entrance of the school was under construction so that forced me to go around. Then I walked to the ICT lab and I saw Kayde and his brother Gabrielle. As we worked on the the computer there was a big silence in room. Unexpectedly, Mrs T'elea told us to log in as Rm 12 and head back to class. At that very moment I remembered that today was field trip day. We were going to One Tree Hill, or Maungakiekie ( mou-nga-ki-e-ki-e).

8:55 Mrs Garden told the whole class to sit down and be quiet. We all were split into three groups and two of the people that were in my group, were my best friends Joshua and Aidan. We were told to go to the hall and then from there we went to the bus that waited on the side of the sidewalk. My group was called "Group 3" and we were the last ones on bus three. Some of the Rm 14 students were then part of "Group 3".

9:10 We were finally on our way to One Tree Hill. It took a while, and the road was a bit bumpy too, but at least we got there safely. "Group 3" was the lucky ones because we could climb the mountain first (this is good because we can be the first ones to get it over and done with). We started our quest for victory as we climbed the mountain. Our goal was to climb up and then back down successfully. Our quest was hard, steep and challenging. There were a lot of people on the extinct mountain. There were people on bikes, skateboards and people running. I said hello to them all.

I then continued to climb as I kept a pattern in my head going " 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2". We crossed a corner and pushed some branches out of the way. To my amazement, I saw the height of success. The pattern got faster "1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2". I was so close to the top when I saw a steep hill. I almost dropped faintly when a song at the back of my head played. It was Michael Jackson's "On The Line". All of a sudden, I could feel my tank re-charge. Then I pumped and pumped with the song still in my head. Then as I pulled myself up I stood on a stack of bricks, stretched my arms and then looked at the view as I went down. I smiled and knew I had reached the height of competition, in other words "The Summit".

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The Temptations are a very successful band because they have had so many hits like "My lady's soul" and "Treat 'em like a lady". Me and my friend Kayde really like this band, because they catch my ears. So whenever I turn on the radio and I hear the Temptations I turn it up and listen. The Temptations has also been on a successful programme called "The Fresh prince Of Bel Air". The Temptations come from Detroit, Michigan America. Their genre is R&B, Doo Wop, Funk and of course, Soul. There has been lots of classic songs such as My Papa was a rolling stone, Ain't to proud to beg and My Girl. Did you know that the song My Papa was a rolling stone was chosen to be part of the Rock'n'roll Hall Of Fame's Songs That Shaped Rock'n'Roll. The Temptations were part of Motown records. The People that were part of this soulful band was David Ruffin, Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams, Otis Williams and a favourite called Eddie Kendricks.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Podcast: "Help! I'm Trapped in my Teacher's Body!"

"Help! I'm Trapped in my Teacher's Body!" by Todd Strasser
Kayde and Erene

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Unforgettables

The photo you see on the right is my best friends. They are all relying and helpful. Kind and friendly, and always caring. The one next to me, with the blue "LG" tee shirt is my best friend. His name is Aiden. And the one next to him is Shawn ( With squared shirt) and Joe (With grey tee shirt) and Matthew T With (Jumper). On the Bottom row there is Matthew R ( In the green) Kayde and Jeyan. The Phototogragher is Joshua. Although you can't see him. He is also my best friend too.

Erene's NZ History Treaty Part 1

Erene's NZ History Treaty

This Term we have been learning about NZ history. This is a short movie about NZ.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Highlights for this Term (1)

This term was action packed with lots of excitement going around. We have had lot's off exciting activities such as camps and video conferences. And outside school, services and birthdays. In Poly fest my cousin got 2nd, for "Best Manaia" too. The extension group also got to talk to a famous man called D'wayne Edwards. When I heard about this video conference, I thought D'wayne was going to talk a lot about shoes. But when the time came, all he really talked about was his journey and his motivation. Which I think was actually better that talking about shoes. Incase you don't know, D'wayne Edwards is the head designer of NIKE. He's designed shoes, tee shirts and also some fancy caps. This year we are joining in a project called Walk our world (WOW). As part of this we also get to walk all around the world. This term has been really cool and even though it is the quarter of the whole year it just might be the best.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camp Kindess

As I came back from camp, I dragged my legs inside the house and dropped on the couch. With a little effort, I sat up to have a moment and remember the highlights of our "Pt England School camp."

The first activity was "Ten Pin Bowling", and I'll tell you now, it was probably one of the most enjoyable activities that we took. My group was called Soul Squad . My opponents were Nikora, Nezinli, Joe and Kayde. I got the best bowl and the worst!!!! The reason why I got the best was because I was the only one to get a strike and I got the worst bowl because when I bowled my 6th turn, the ball was stuck to my hands! So when I bowled it didn't go off my hands and on the bowling alley, but it flew up in the air and hit the fire extinguisher ( Aghhhhhh ). At that moment I thought I was in trouble but no, I wasn't. "Phew".

As I led "Soul Squad" into the hall we saw all of the groups sitting down on the hall floor. All of the groups magnetized there eyes on the projector screen. They all were watching the old fashioned "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate factory". As time past, more people such as brothers, Mums and Dads, relatives, cousins and older siblings started to flood into the hall. Mrs Nua stopped the movie and greeted all of us and the special visitors. She said that it was time to start our item. First up was TLC (if you were wondering, it meant Tender loving care).
All the excitement was so high that it was suddenly our turn, that's right Soul Squad's turn. Our item was really action packed and super fantastic. But when we saw the Considerators's item. We just couldn't compete with the Considerators. In the end we came second and the Considerators topped the table in first place.

On Friday was the last day off camp, where we were going to spend the whole day at " Swim' O' Rama". Most off the year 5's hung their heads down while they were cleaning up there tent. The only reason why was pretty, they didn't want camp to end. After we cleaned up our area we were told to sit down in the hall to be split up into groups for the bus. We were with the kind crew in the bus and even though we were the first one to go we were the last one to reach our destination.
When we got there Mrs Nua told us that to start off we should have some swimming races. I competed in the ten year old grade. I was pretty fast for a ten year old. In fact, I was in the Swimming Inter zone. After the races Mrs Nua led a group one by one and as I and so it begins. I splashed and swam and I even went on the hydro slide. Then I played with an Argentinean guy at soccer and I won.

As we went back home everyone was tired and drousy. I guess that was the highlights of this years "Camp Kindess".

Friday, March 5, 2010

Vincent Van Gogh

On Friday the 5th of March, The bell rang and when we entered the door and sat down. There were newspapers on the tables and pictures on our whiteboard and at that moment I knew that we were going to do some "Van Gough" sketching.

To start off Mrs Garden read us a book about Van Gough, the story was really sad because when he was living his paintings weren't admired. He loved painting so much that he had to stop buying food in order to keep his art reputation. But he only sold a few drawings and paintings, things are different today, one of his paintings is EIGHTY SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS.

We were all given a painting to sketch (not to trace!!!) and were told that we have to draw the lines. Not the whole painting. This is me trying to sketch one of his more brighter paintings.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ravishing Rotorua- Day 2 2010

When I woke up I didn't know what we were doing today. So I ever so slowly dragged myself a cross the rug and brushed my teeth. As I got changed I started to realize that we were about to have breakfast. So I sprung my eyes open as fast as toast coming out of a toaster and got changed in a flash.

When we arrived to our breakfast room we expected a tremendous room with fancy lights, tables, chairs, cutnnary and flooring, and when we got there we weren't disappointed. Everything was beautiful. So the only thing left that was needed to be tested was the food. first, we had to start off with some cereal, I had riceis with trim milk and it was delicious. Then I ate some eggs, bacon, baked beans and toast. "Wow" I said on a full stomach, " That is some meal these guys can whip up"I said. "Where are we going today" I asked quite deter mainly to my Dad, "To Wildlife Valley Springs" said my Dad.

After that we were ready to set off to "Wildlife Valley Springs". Me and my brother were jittery and jumpy while we were on our way to "Wildlife Valley Springs". When we arrived we leaped out of the car. "Would ya look at this place" I thought knowing that today would be a day to remember. As I walked in I saw a man mowing the lawns, he was in his " Wildlife Valley Springs" uniform.

When I walked in there was a counter, the counter was supervised by a lady who was sweating. There also were lots of great souvenirs such as magnets, caps, skin-care products, toys, possum merino clothing, key chains and T-shirts. We brought a cup of food that we could feed to the Trouts and the Ducks. When we walked through the entrance their was a creepy passage way that lead across to a door. We followed the passage way and just before we had contact with the door that the passage led too we saw a machine making fresh water bottles filled with water. When I was walking it cornered the corner of my eye and when I focused on it it made me quite thirsty on a hot day.
We proceeded and walked through the door, there was two birds and a giant possum. The Possum was sleeping heavily and the two birds were squawking most cheerfully. " That must be a pain in the neck" I thought, "All that noise from these two birds when a possums trying to get some rest".The two birds was a Kakariki and a kea. These two lovely looking birds aren't as harmless as they look though if you see them for yourselves. You see The " Kea" can be quite nippible too. It can chew of rubber.

We then continued our journey but was stopped when we saw some steps that led to the Ngongotaha Stream. We went down the steps and thought that this would of been the chance to use some of the Trout and Duck food. In my point of view there is about 18,000 Trout in the stream. We threw some food and then about 4 ducks came and gobbled the food that we chucked. About 70% of the food that we threw in the stream were eaten by the ducks, 5% gone to the Trout and 20% gone to waste. We then went to the next place were we got to feed some more Trout. We tried to feed the Trout but the ducks noticed the food and zoomed to were we were feeding the Trouts. The Trouts lazily just swam in the same spot up the stream until before long they decided to make do. Some of the Trouts were eating the food we chucked and then my Dad said " Lets try and aim for the ducks back". So I did but fortunately I missed them all.

We then moved on and saw some deer. The Deer looked just like the ones that I saw on Animal Planet, only smaller. I stretched my hand so that I could see what they felt like. It felt like a beard, There was a little log that had a sign which said "Found by Captain Cook". Under the sign there was a pair of horns and so I leaned on the log to see if I can reach the horns but obviously I couldn't.

Then me, my brother and my Dad went off for a nature walk which was part of Wildlife Valley Springs. We saw many shapes and sizes of plants and trees. We gazed at nature not knowing though that we were about to meet a cave were you could get to see the trouts in the water. When we met the cave we saw a Trout and could hear the sound of a waterfall.

I think "Wildlife Valley Springs" is a great place to go and explore. The adventure I had was truly magnificent . I'd recommend this place to absolutely anyone who wants adventure now and then. And in my view that superb day would certainly be a day that i'll remember for the rest of my life

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ravishing Rotorua- The Arrival 2010

On Monday the 18th of January. My Mum and Dad talked together and arranged a family road trip to Rotorua. After we heard the news, we all packed our bags the night before we left. We have been going to Rotorua for ten years now and the last time we went there we stayed at a Hotel called Rydges and I have to say that that hotel is so good on quality, location and meals.

The next morning, when the sun was high, we all had breakfast in a rush and was ready to go in our new car to Rotorua. I wanted to sit at the back because my Dad said that if you sit at the back you get to play PSP because there wasn't much room. I was ferocious when I heard the news, angry outraged, but by the time I had calmed down it was my turn to play PSP. When my brother passed it to me, I was delighted, energized and fully confident to know that I could beat my opponents. On my 27th battle I lost but the good thing was that we were almost there. Since it wasn't my turn, I decided to lay down and read the new book ( by new I mean last last year) I got called "The Mystery Of The Vanished Prince', by Enid Blyton. I drifted off to sleep after chapter 12.

When I woke up the sweet smell of Rotorua hit my nose and I remembered all the times I have come here. The sweet smell of Rotorua is also called Sulphur. We stayed at a hotel called Distinction. After we put all our bags in our room we went to the park and played a few games.

I went on the swing and I played " Swing rope". To play Swing rope you have to have a swing and a line in front of you but 6 metres away. Then you must hop on a swing and try to go highest that you can and jump off. If you pass the line then you get one point. Repeat ten times but if you don't make it that counts as a try.

When we came back to our hotel we went to the pools and swam all the way till eleven. It was pretty deep and it was outside too. Which also means it was cold. I kept swimming the length off the pool back and fourth. After I got tired I started to do some bombs and flips off the side of the pool. Exhausted, I dragged myself to the other end where the Spa was. I turned on the air jets and hopped in,it felt like a massage from a water robot. After a while I started to wonder around and see what else this place has got. I found a cave and in that cave was more Spa pools. Then there was one with a mini waterfall. I lazily pulled myself out and went back to my room number, got dressed in my Pj's and went to sleep ready for day 2.