Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 Reflection

Term 1
The topic for Term 1 was to speak politely, in other words, "The Language of Success". I learnt a lot of ways to greet people politely and at the same time,as meeting new friends in our class like Aidan.  Moving in Room 15 to be a senior was a real big step so I was a bit quiet in the first few weeks of the year. 

Term 2 
In Term 2 we learned about Dino-might. It was real cool considering all of the vicious dinosaurs and heart-beating Herbivores. To me Dino-might was my best subject. I do think that I could of worked on my behavior about talking to others a bit. But besides that I think that I have improved in my behavior from Term 1, and that I really enjoyed studying Dinosaurs. I also have enjoyed working with Hamish Campbell.

Term 3
In Term 3 we all learned about a very popular primary subject: The Art In Storytelling. This topic is still buzzing in people's heads today. My most favourite fairy tale character is Hansel because he took a big responsibility to look after Gretal from starvation and defeat the ugly witch. Also to sit up when we are on the mat.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Popping Picnic for the Year 5's

 On Thursday the 3rd of December the Year 5's went down to the Point England Reserve to play some games. But before we went down, we had to bring some home made food that we either cooked or helped to cook. In my view about 30% of the class who brang food were buyers. I was part of the 30% because I ran out of time to make something. So I brought popcorn, Afghans and some cookies.

Mrs Squires said that we all had to get into groups. All of my group were fans of the Jabbawockeez so we called our group the Jabbawocke-NATORS. I thought that that
was a good name to choose. Then Ms Squires said that all the groups had to sort out a
game the other people from room 14 and 16 could play. We didn't need to so I was happy.

Off we went to the reserve and I was so jittery and jumpy that I couldn't wait to get there. When we arrived
at the reserve we sat down and I sprang up like a frog bouncing between the reeds to be chosen for
Touch. Sadly, I wasn't chosen but on the bright side the second game was
Soccer, and I happened to be a master at that art. The Soccer pitch ( in other words, football pitch)
wasn't as big and as wide as I thought it would be. It was approximately as big as the Goal keepers

"Brrrrrrr" went the whistle and the game was off. The ball was flying everywhere as me and my friend
Joshua started to make some plans. I spreaded out to the right were there was a gap. The pace of the game
was going so fast I didn't think I could make it. The ball came flying my direction like a bullet, I knew
that the only way I could get it in was to think fast. I hit the ball with all my might and "buffff" the ball
went heading to the goals direction. The only question was could the ball make it. Most unexpectedly,
the ball curved so hard it looked like it touched someones foot. But no, the ball didn't touch a persons foot,
nor a hand, but it met mother nature itself. That's right, the wind blew it so it skimmed the post and out. I was
mostly outraged but I had no one to blame.

I switched places to be a Goalie. Our side was magnificent from this view. But there were a few weaknesses
that we needed to polish. That side I didn't worry about because the score was 3-0 to us. Magically,
I saw another goal made by Joshua, never before have I seen so much talent in Point England. Yet
I knew there was more within. 5mins left and I swapped to be a striker. I had to give it all that I got cause I hadn't
got a goal yet. The oppositions confidence grew more and more as they entered our territory. A
minuete left of the game. As time shrunk I got more nervous. "21,20" time went, then Unaloto passed the ball
to me and I was off. I passed one and faked a pass to pass two more, the ball was stolen but I wouldn't
take no for an answer, I got the ball back and faked another pass again. I booted the ball and BOOM
the ball went in and I ran for celebration. "Urghhhhh" went the time bell and that was it, we won 5-0
to us.

Eating Time
After that we sat down in our class lines huffing and puffing as if we had ran a Marathon. We were
on our way to class to eat the homemade food that we had brang. When we arrived we all were very
hungry when we layed our eyes on the food. Everything looked so divine, the aromas smelt so wonderful.
Mrs Squires asked joshua to say Grace. After that we plated our food and dug up. Cruz (A.K.A Munch 
Crunch) ate about 28 farmbaked cookies and 6 large cookies ( we call him Munch Crunch cause he
can eat lots of cookies. I ate some muffins as an entree. It was so beatiful I thought I was in Muffin
Mania. Then I had some Pizza bread for Mains. When I tasted the pizza bread it was like it was made
by Gordan Ramsay. I was unspeakable. To top up all of this lovely food I had Popcorn. "Um Um Um"
I said now that I had finished some popcorn, "I have to say that that was one real Popping Picnic

The End