Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Reflection (including Hong Kong video conference)

 Today we had a video conference with a group of people from Hong Kong and they asked us all sorts of questions.We extension learned heaps from only a small group and I'm sure that they did as well.Our conference took about the whole lunch but that was okay.Then we had a whole other session and we didn't even have to go to class.Then we went straight into our Flickr project and we really were on to it.But I forgot my ingredients homework.So I started to leave comments to other peoples Matoa Mihi.It was really fantastic,though between you and me I forgot how to Command t. So I know I'm not going to get much marks.Of course they did tell us all about their traditional food.They were talking really well about the China's restaurants,China's food and how they can compare it to our New Zealand food. It sort of all fits into to like how our local restaurant is Pizza Hut and it's not really something you should have everyday.Pizza Hut should really be a snack and how the Main Meal is really filling but can't be eaten everyday, or else diabetes.There's our R.O.W project of our recipes and mine was really healthy although I didn't add some more extra spice from me, it was just past on from my grandma.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Zealand Warriors vs Manly Seaeagles

WOOOOOW!!!!!!!!The kick off just started and it was a real start from the 7Th minuete try by Bani and at the end of the first half the score was already a try by Brent Tate and made it 16-10 and the lead was our team the New Zealand Warriors.Later after the 5 minuete break it  was time for our turn to kick and there was also a man on the field and it was on our side,his nickname is the little general. Can you guess who it is ?.It was Stacey Jones. That's right after a 3 year of his NRL season he was back on the field and ready for some magic to put into the game. But  on the 64Th minuete it was 24-16 to them and Stacey had the ball and chiped kicked the ball in the air,caught it and was so close to passing to Wade Mckinnon but dummyed the ball and went a little bit further then passed to Brent and he scored the try and Joel Moon need the kick to win the game and he got it by 2 points over Manly  the full time score was 24-26. So the only thing left is That's my team.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Camp Aratika (part 3)

Rock climbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. After morning it was rock climbing and there was a undefeated wall that hasn't been conquered yet but the other walls all went tick,chu ching I mean, since I climbed the walls and it was easy peasy or easy as pie.We had to stay for about two or three hours and we also had to have a special harness that we can clip on to make it safe for us to climb on.But not all of them climbing walls were clip on walls which said although we did have to do the safe ones which was alright.Just when there was about 15 minuets left Ms King aloud us for a race up the King Kong Tower (since the rest of the walls weren't the same and the King Kong Tower is a sky scraper).I was chosen for a race and I won (obviously because I was facing a girl).Lastly it was time to go home and I went in a car back to the school.

Camp Aratika (part 2)

On the same day we had Orienteering.Orienteering is when you use a compass and there are many signs around and by using the compass if you use it correctly you should get a word or sentence.We were all in groups of twos.There are a piece of paper and on that piece of paper there is a practise and it is in red.The real thing is yellow and we or I got it wrong. The answer is we do try to keep it real everyday.

Polyfestival (2009)

Polyfestival is part of secondary schools performing and get to dance either a Cook Islands dance,Samoan dance etc.I went to the polyfest and it was real cool. My dad was teaching a group and it was cool. His school was called Auckland Grammar School (AGS).My dads school was doing a Samoan dance and it was really awesome.

Camp Aratika (part 1)

At camp for year 5/6 we had to pack our bags and get ready for a camp that is 3 days long.On this camp we had to have groups, and my group was called the Thinkers.The other teams were called Participators,The Honest crew,The Care crew,The True crew and the Responsibles.The first activity we had to do was to go to Skateland.It was real fun but when I got there I was'nt really good because I keeped on falling over.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Korero

A korero in the Pt England way is like something we needed to improve on like saying "chuck it in the bin" (which we call "bin it"), stop think and do, stop look and listen etc. 
Anyway, our topic for this week was to "stop, think and do".

Apple bus visitors

Today the Apple bus visitors had come over to visit and some people came from the apple bus tour group to our class and we were really excited. The best part was when me and a group of people went on the computer first when the visitors weren't here.

Driving range (golf)

Wow when I got there because there because it looked real easy to hit the ball on tv.But when I treid to hit the ball it was real hard, and it was'nt very far from how I hit it. I came with my whole family (no cousins,uncles and other people just me,Mum,Dad,my little sister and brother). The farest that I hit it was all the way to the first hole and I felt happy.

Swim o rama

In the holidays I went to the pools called Swim o Rama.it was real cool because we had to go on the slide. There was heaps of people because Swim o Rama is pretty poplular right now. But the slide was closed which was pretty bad, but the good thing is that we had toplay with the automatic bucket that fills water and then spills it. It was relly fun and I hope I'll be there some other day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

2008 Rugby League World Cup

The Rugby League world Cup is for the top country's in rugby league. They are professionally trained by experienced players that should of played years ago.On the finals it was Aus vs NZ. But finally for the first time that it took many years to conquer the Auz by a victory lead on a thrash.Keep it up boys.

Google Earth the latest edition

LATEST EDITION!!!!!!!!!!.Wow when Mrs Tele'a said about Google earth,I mean the last time I went on there it was pretty slow and really boring because you couldn't record and there was no street view. When I went to type in my address guess what it was my house on a rainy day, and the photo of us on Google maps was way better because it was a sunny day but the sign was still up from when we did'nt buy it yet .After a while I went on 5 Ropata Ave,Glen Innes,Auckland,New Zealand. This address is my grandma's and grandpa's.But guess what RAINY DAY AGAIN.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today since Mrs Tel'ea wasn't here we had to go on Garageband. But it was on drum kit on rock kit and we were only allowed to do that.Garageband is a software so you can go on it and do things like  do raps music and you can even record yourself!!!!!.It had to be a pattern since it was part of like a food song instrumental.Mine was 4 bars long. and quite catchy to.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Burger King-we let nothing get in the way

Last week on Thursday in extension we had to learn about food since that's our topic on Rock our world.And the thing is that we had to was learn about BK. My group had to get the main meal or burger in BK.We or I figured out on the Internet that it was the Whopper.And the first person who founded it was John McLamore and David Edgeaton. And then the Burger king was fist published and opened in 1954,the address is 5505 blue lagoon drive,Miami,Florida 33126,USA. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

info of Wendys

Yesterday at extension we had to learn about food places, such as takeaways,restaurants and shops. It was fun because we had to take information about Wendy's. We came up with things like who founded Wendy's?What state it came from?what country it came from ?why has it got a picture of the lady on top? why has it got that squiggly patteren under the name?.We'll you came to the right place.Here the first person who discovered Wendy's was actually called Wendy's.And the picture of the lady up top was really Wendy's daughter.The squiggly pattteren under the name really it represents nothing.So there you have it folks info of wendys.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The food pyramid

In extension we had to learn about food. Yesterday we had to write a survey of each people's favourite dinner and dessert. My favourite dinner was McdDonalds and Burger King. I had to inter view my group by telling them that there were way to much of treats as in fatty food and only 1,2 or 3,food that was healthy and if you take to much you could get diabetes.


Today we had to go to my church's camp and it was at Hunua falls at Papakura. On Friday between 5o'clock and 6'o'clock we had to get on the bus and head to our campsite. It took for ages to get there and me and my friend lamb was just talking the whole way without anything to eat for 45 minutes while my brother Esrah kept on teasing and eating. When we got there we had to have a little prayer and talk about which cabin we were going to sleep in and what time the lights goes out. I was sleeping with a Sunday school teacher and 3 friends. When we go to sleep we have our own beds but we do have to bring a sleeping bag or a sheet, pillows and a blanket. This was because when we got there there was nothing but the mattress (the mattress was leaning on the side).
When we woke up the worst thing was about it was the the smell of the toilets. It was awful and there were insects such as cockroaches, grasshoppers, frogs and lizards. But here comes the good part, breakfast. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It was delicious. I had Nutra grain.
Then we had fitness and our team (the Blue team) had to play lape with a football 2 times because we lost 2 times. Then we played rob the nest and we kept on winning. After that my team had to be given lyrics and had to sing either a rap, song or dance. We chose all three with a chant to go with it. I was a rapper at the same time as a singer and dancer so I was a bit of all three. While the other teams were on free time because after all the rain when we went to sleep it could of put heaps of logs to the waterfall because we were going to swim in a waterfall but the rain had made it dirty.But when we finished it was free time(just for a little while).But then we had a shower and headed for dinnertime and then dessert time.But before it was our item and we had to do our song.It was crackup they were all laughing.And even the
chant the parents said that we were the best.But sadly they didn't even award points for our group, which was sad so so very very sad. But when we went to dinner it held us up so we answered some questions and then win prizes. And I won a chess set but I opened it and when we played it it all fell out. Then Mrs Te'lea asked us to get into our pjs. But then on the way we found 2 frogs on the way. They told us (the teachers) that we are going to put a movie but if you stay out, you go possum hunting or chat in you're cabin. Sunday. The day when we had to pack up and sweep our room day. But then we headed for the chapel. And we went on the bus which I slept in.