Thursday, April 30, 2009


After a long training our coach said "that on Friday we could go to Skateland"
. I was nervous because when I went to Skateland in "Camp Aratika part 1" I just kept on falling over and over and over. Skateland is a inline skating arena and it's skating rink is sort of like a oval shape with music that plays when your skating. Their is also skating lessons and the Skateland itself has skating teams that go in ages. The teams have one some trophies through the years, but most of them arean"t under 7's and under. Once that clock hit 6:00pm Friday. We where on the road to Skateland and I was pretty late, but I had a great time their because I went with some gear. The gear I packed was not much. It was just a Powerade drink. My Mum paid me and my brother (because he just had to come) to skate and my size that I told to the man was "size 7 please", And before you know it, I WAS OFF.Whizzing round and round the skating rink thinking that I could really pull this off, especially that a youth group of another church came. Heaps of people came But the first thing that I noticed was that my brother couldn't skate. He got better although he just skated around the outside of the skating rink, not in. I improved a lot. Just when I was about to drink some of my Powerade BOOM BAM!!!! I heard my name on the loudspeaker saying these words" Erene, Lepa, Owen, Sione, Nathaniel, Mac, Stevie and Jonty this is your song. I was embarrassed that it was in public as well. Guess what the song was???. Kiss me through the phone. I was half happy and half embarrassed because I knew that only the Mt Wellington Under 10's knew who I was.  But the embarrassed part was when my coach kept saying my name, so I ran to skate outside of the skating rink. When that was over it was time to have some fun. After 6 laps around the skating rink the loudspeaker said" all right now it is time for races","I was so scared that it felt like I was in a situation of a dilemma. My heart missed a beat, it was either take the race or face the facts!!!!!. But finally it stopped and I made my decision. I whispered to myself that I would not go into the race because I only learned how to skate on that night.  Suddenly I just saw some of my friends coming to me, I didn't know where to go. They were coming to laugh at me so I started to skate when I realized that their were no where to go. Just then they said to me that I was scared to and I might fall over and everybody might laugh at me. I couldn't believe all that time that I wasted, so I told them why I was here as well. Right after that we sang our chant and we sang it loud and clear so that everybody could here. Lastly, we all went home and on the way home in the car I said in my head that "this would be a night to remember.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Education Review Office

Today I thought it was just a normal day. But just when I was going to get my extension homework book,guess what!!! A man called John came from the Education Review Office came along. I knew that they were going to ask us some questions about our school. The next big thing was that a group of Year 4 people came in to answer some questions from John.  John came in and the first question that he was about to answer was,  "What do you like most about school?". And I said that I like E-learning. The next question  that he asked was, "What was your favourite subject?" And I answered that I like maths. So then on John kept on asking us questions about our school. At the end of the interview John said "Goodbye" and then he left. Mrs Tele'a probably was dying to tell us about the interview, so she did. Finally we all went home.

X-box Party Mansion

X-box party Mansion is a game on Miniclip.Miniclip is a game website that is on the computer. It's super awesome and when we first tried it because there was a advertisement it was out of this world. The aim of the game is to find all the items on the  list as fast as you can. Their was this guy from Brazil and he was on fire. Because the score was 1137489. Even I don't know how to say that number. For  me the easiest room to find all the things in the list is? The Family Room. With a total score of 9:01. But I'm sure that the Brazilian guy should have gotten about 9: 21 seconds. There also is the hints.HINTS- tells you where a object on the list is. You also get a chance to gain more hints so that it can help you in the next room.We usually use the hints when we haven't found the ones which we will never find.When me and my uncle finished we agreed that  we should submit our work.We came 122nd.Pretty good score in the world.