Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Education Review Office

Today I thought it was just a normal day. But just when I was going to get my extension homework book,guess what!!! A man called John came from the Education Review Office came along. I knew that they were going to ask us some questions about our school. The next big thing was that a group of Year 4 people came in to answer some questions from John.  John came in and the first question that he was about to answer was,  "What do you like most about school?". And I said that I like E-learning. The next question  that he asked was, "What was your favourite subject?" And I answered that I like maths. So then on John kept on asking us questions about our school. At the end of the interview John said "Goodbye" and then he left. Mrs Tele'a probably was dying to tell us about the interview, so she did. Finally we all went home.

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