Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 Reflection

Term 1
The topic for Term 1 was to speak politely, in other words, "The Language of Success". I learnt a lot of ways to greet people politely and at the same time,as meeting new friends in our class like Aidan.  Moving in Room 15 to be a senior was a real big step so I was a bit quiet in the first few weeks of the year. 

Term 2 
In Term 2 we learned about Dino-might. It was real cool considering all of the vicious dinosaurs and heart-beating Herbivores. To me Dino-might was my best subject. I do think that I could of worked on my behavior about talking to others a bit. But besides that I think that I have improved in my behavior from Term 1, and that I really enjoyed studying Dinosaurs. I also have enjoyed working with Hamish Campbell.

Term 3
In Term 3 we all learned about a very popular primary subject: The Art In Storytelling. This topic is still buzzing in people's heads today. My most favourite fairy tale character is Hansel because he took a big responsibility to look after Gretal from starvation and defeat the ugly witch. Also to sit up when we are on the mat.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Popping Picnic for the Year 5's

 On Thursday the 3rd of December the Year 5's went down to the Point England Reserve to play some games. But before we went down, we had to bring some home made food that we either cooked or helped to cook. In my view about 30% of the class who brang food were buyers. I was part of the 30% because I ran out of time to make something. So I brought popcorn, Afghans and some cookies.

Mrs Squires said that we all had to get into groups. All of my group were fans of the Jabbawockeez so we called our group the Jabbawocke-NATORS. I thought that that
was a good name to choose. Then Ms Squires said that all the groups had to sort out a
game the other people from room 14 and 16 could play. We didn't need to so I was happy.

Off we went to the reserve and I was so jittery and jumpy that I couldn't wait to get there. When we arrived
at the reserve we sat down and I sprang up like a frog bouncing between the reeds to be chosen for
Touch. Sadly, I wasn't chosen but on the bright side the second game was
Soccer, and I happened to be a master at that art. The Soccer pitch ( in other words, football pitch)
wasn't as big and as wide as I thought it would be. It was approximately as big as the Goal keepers

"Brrrrrrr" went the whistle and the game was off. The ball was flying everywhere as me and my friend
Joshua started to make some plans. I spreaded out to the right were there was a gap. The pace of the game
was going so fast I didn't think I could make it. The ball came flying my direction like a bullet, I knew
that the only way I could get it in was to think fast. I hit the ball with all my might and "buffff" the ball
went heading to the goals direction. The only question was could the ball make it. Most unexpectedly,
the ball curved so hard it looked like it touched someones foot. But no, the ball didn't touch a persons foot,
nor a hand, but it met mother nature itself. That's right, the wind blew it so it skimmed the post and out. I was
mostly outraged but I had no one to blame.

I switched places to be a Goalie. Our side was magnificent from this view. But there were a few weaknesses
that we needed to polish. That side I didn't worry about because the score was 3-0 to us. Magically,
I saw another goal made by Joshua, never before have I seen so much talent in Point England. Yet
I knew there was more within. 5mins left and I swapped to be a striker. I had to give it all that I got cause I hadn't
got a goal yet. The oppositions confidence grew more and more as they entered our territory. A
minuete left of the game. As time shrunk I got more nervous. "21,20" time went, then Unaloto passed the ball
to me and I was off. I passed one and faked a pass to pass two more, the ball was stolen but I wouldn't
take no for an answer, I got the ball back and faked another pass again. I booted the ball and BOOM
the ball went in and I ran for celebration. "Urghhhhh" went the time bell and that was it, we won 5-0
to us.

Eating Time
After that we sat down in our class lines huffing and puffing as if we had ran a Marathon. We were
on our way to class to eat the homemade food that we had brang. When we arrived we all were very
hungry when we layed our eyes on the food. Everything looked so divine, the aromas smelt so wonderful.
Mrs Squires asked joshua to say Grace. After that we plated our food and dug up. Cruz (A.K.A Munch 
Crunch) ate about 28 farmbaked cookies and 6 large cookies ( we call him Munch Crunch cause he
can eat lots of cookies. I ate some muffins as an entree. It was so beatiful I thought I was in Muffin
Mania. Then I had some Pizza bread for Mains. When I tasted the pizza bread it was like it was made
by Gordan Ramsay. I was unspeakable. To top up all of this lovely food I had Popcorn. "Um Um Um"
I said now that I had finished some popcorn, "I have to say that that was one real Popping Picnic

The End

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Damaging Tsunami in Samoa

The Shock
I was at Camp (Totara Springs) in Matamata during our school holidays, we were in the middle of our "Cabin Inspection" when our headmaster told us that we had to sit down. I was quite confused considering that I was in the middle of folding up my spare blanket. As I came down to sit; I realized that one of our leaders were looking depressed or upset. Our Headmaster then went up to that leader and cheered him up by saying "Are you all right". This was unusual because this leader was my leader and we had just finished going on the "Hydroslide". I sat down on a spare bed with some friends next to me. Unexpectedly, my Area Head walked in. His name was "Seb" and he came in to inspect our cabin. Our Headmaster then said " There are about 4 or 5 Samoan people who have family in Samoa". In Samoa there has been a "DAMAGING TSUNAMI!!!. I was terrified because I am a Samoan and I had family in SAMOA. The Shock put a lot of sadness in my heart

Having Faith
I knew now why my leader was feeling a bit upset. He was Samoan too. He then said a prayer while tears ran down my face like it was trying to race down in a split second. I felt like I was lost in total darkness and did not know where to go. Then my Headmaster came to sit next to me and cheer me up. As my leader ended his prayer I walked out the door for dinner ever so slowly thinking what should I do now. When I sat down at our cabins dinner table, I tried to hide my face from other campers. It was no use because I could not find a way to smile. My leader then said to be strong in the Lord with all your heart. I started to gain faith but still sulk.

Letting It All Go
5mins past and my Headmaster asked for the microphone. He then said to all the Campers that there has been a Tsunami in Samoa and that the shocking news is that the Tsunami in Samoa has lots of stories to tell. I started to let it all go after some thinking. I then continued my Camp without the Damaging Tsunami in Samoa blocking FUN.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Typing Website

One day in Extension Mrs Burt told us about a website. Guess what? It was a England website. It told us how to type. It taught me lots of things. Like telling me were to put my fingers. To start off you have to put you 4 fingers ( not including the thumbs) on your left hand on the A S D F. Then leave the thumb to rest on the space bar. With the other hand, put the first four fingers on the : L K J. If you would like to see more about this website got to it on

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My blog Wordle

On Wednesday the 3rd of September the Extension group was taught by Mrs Burt how to use Wordle. Wordle is a website where it shows you what words you have used on your blogs, websites etc.
I have learnt that I have used the word "Earthquake" lots in my writing. This incredible website meant that I write quite a lot about Earthquakes. I like Wordle because it has many Fonts, Colours Layouts and even Languages.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 2-day special birthday

On Thursday the 13th of August 2009 I turned ten!!!!. When I woke up I got a special breakfast. My brother and I had Pancakes with syrup, Eggs half cooked, and juicy bacon. Then my Dad gave me my presents. It was a Michael Jackson book, Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 album, and also a Sudoku book. My favourite song by the Jackson 5 is Farewell My Summer Love, Blame It On The Boogie, ABC, Ben, I'll Be There, We're Going Back To Indiana, The Love You Save, My Girl, Rockin Robin, Dancing Machine, Who's loving you and La La (means I Love you). My birthday card was really cool as well because it had Bugs Bunny on it. I like Bugs Bunny because I like his catch phrase "whats up doc". That Same day I went to my Grandpa's house and when I got there......., they said HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Later on my Auntie and Uncle came to my Grandpa's house as well. They came with a present. Then we ate and I felt really happy. I was eagerly awaiting to blow out my candles. My cake was a Mud cake. Mud cakes are my favourite, mmmmmmmm. When I got to blow out my candles, it took me two blows to blow out my candles. Then it was time to open my presents. I got a mini soccer table, a game called Brain Drain, A rugby ball and 20 dollars.

Day 2
I invited my 2 best friends, Joshua and Aidan. They came to my 2nd birthday.We went to MegaZone and when we got there there was 3 other birthdays. I also invited some of my cousins and relatives. Not much people was there so we had to go downstairs and play with the timeout games, we had no money, so my Dad payed the man for us to play Dodgems. It was really hard to control the vehicle because if you turned the wheel around lots of times, then your vehicle would of reversed. I got stuck for 5mins and then I started to go round and round again. We only had 3 Megazone games. I was on the red team. The people on the red team were Canaan, Joshua, Aidan and me. We didn't win but we had a whole lot of fun. Then we went back into the party room for a snack. I ate some lollies and cupcakes. Unexpectedly, the man came in and it was our second game. This time we had to challenge other people. We were all Blue. When we heard the news, we started to get a bit confident since we this was our second time here. All our work payed off because we WONNNNN. Yes we had beaten them by a mile of points. That was my first victory at Mount Wellington Laser Strike. Then we went back and guess what????????? the hot food arrived. It was pizza and some fizzy drinks. I was so hungry that I ate almost half a pizza. Then the man came in again, this time he said that this was our last game. We were all ready to take on the rest of the people that was there. We were blue again, but there was a BIG problem, the yellow team ( who we faced before) decided that they would team up with the other team UNFAIR. So we lost. When we got back to our party room. There was lots of moans and groans. Then we went back downstairs to the Timeout room. We had no money so we got as many balloons as we could and lifted them up in the air.

That was the end. Hope to see you soon.............

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Professor Cambell Conference Fiordland


On the 5th of August, 2009 .The Extension group had a Video conference with Hamish Campbell. Hamish Campbell works at the Te Papa museum. The Te Papa Museum is at Wellington, and we were talking to him from Auckland. He was with another lady who was called Diana-Grace. The last time we met Hamish Campbell was when he told us about dinosaurs last term.

Death of the Dinosaur Lady
Hamish asked us if we had any more questions about Dinosaurs. No one had a question. Then Hamish said," Did you know that Joan Wiffen is dead." We all gasped sadly, because Joan Wiffen was the first person to discover dinosaur bones in New Zealand. Hamish said that she died at the age of 87 and will always be remembered as the "Dinosaur Lady".

China Earthquake,or Fiordland Earthquake
Anyway, we next went on and started to talk about the Earthqake that had hit Fiordland last month. He said that there was also another Earthquake which was 7.8 in magnitude. It hit Tangshan in China, and killed 242,000 people because roofs fell down and killed them in their sleep. It was funny though that the Fiordland Earthquake was also 7.8 in magnitude but no one died. Hamish Campbell said that no one died because it was all isolated.

How Earthquakes form
Earthquakes form by 2 plates crashing tProxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

ether. The 2 plates that crashed for the Fiordland Earthquake to form was the Pacific plate and the Australian plate. Hamish said that Earthquakes do not hit Auckland, because the Pacific plate goes across the top of South Island. At the bottom of South Island, the Australian plate went under the Pacific plate. But at the top of South Island, the Pacific plate went under the Australian plate. The Earthquake lasted for 30 seconds. The China Earthquake lasted for only 15 seconds, and he said that when he was in Wellington he felt the Earthquake.

Farewell Hamish
At the end Diana-Grace said goodbye to us, and they said that they hoped we would all meet again later on in the year. We felt excited at the end and said thankyou.
Thanks Hamish.


L osing isn't a option for Liverpool
I think that they will win the FA Cup
V isiting or playing at home, there undeafetable                               
E miliano Insua
R ight on target, every time they shoot
P eter Gulacsi
O nly this team is ALMIGHTY AT FOOTBALL
O ver the top on shots by Gerrrad

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


E ating chipbutties
N o Taro and Corned Beef
G illingham high street
L ondon Eye
A shford, to buy new NIKE shoes
N ew friends called:Max,Tom and Christopher
D eveloped great memories

E= To make a chipButty, you put fries or chips into a burger
G= A street that a friend lived on
L= A Ferris wheel
A= A Shopping Centre
Special thanks to for the "London eye photo"

Monday, August 3, 2009

MJ, James Brown and Elvis Presley are my top 3 Super Singers

Michael Jackson (King Of Pop)

Michael Jackson is my favourite singer because one thing. HE'S BAD. His style of making music is incredible. He has changed so many lives, voices and has persuaded millions of people worldwide. He has had a Grammy award called "living legend". And I think he is. He has made many top hits like Thriller,She's out of my life, Beat it, Speed Demon, Man in the Mirror, Heal the World, Billie Jean, You rock my world, Inside the closet, Bad, Blood on the dancefloor, They don't really care about us, Liberian Girl, Cry, Ghost, The way you make me feel, On The Line, Earth Song, Black and White and You are not alone. But let's go back in time. The Motown records are one and all time favourites, like We're going to Indiana, I'll be there,Ben,Who's loving you,I want you back, The love you save, ABC and much much more. MJ is my favourite singer, because he is a Idol, a model, or a star. My favourite album that he made is Bad, Because it has the lyrics.

Elvis Presley (King Of Rock)
Elvis is an all time favourite singer. His magic songs can put people under an enchanted music spell. Elvis first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. He was born on the 8th of January, 1935 and died on the 16th of January,1977 (aged 42). His first year of singing was in 1954, and then on, he rocked this world. His middle name was Aaron. He has also been on the NZ dancing show called Dancing with the stars. Throughout his career, he sold a billion records worldwide. In the 1960's he was an actor for 31 movies. he died from drugs but will always be remembered because he's the Hilly Billy Cat.

James Brown (GodFather Of Soul)
My favourite song that was made by James Brown is I feel good, Please please Please, Think and living in America. James Joseph Brown Died in 2006 and was born on the 3rd of May 1933. James began his amazing career in 1956 and started to shine in the late 1950's. He is a hard working man and had always entertained his crowd. He was a singing legend for his career,life style and his passion. I am sad that he is dead, but I am glad that he died as the "GodFather Of Soul".

Extras: Special thanks to for the James Brown photo, for the Elvis Presley photo, and for the Michael Jackson photo. If you want any of these three photos, then go to there website.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Canberra Raiders vs Brisbane Broncos ( does not include the first 20 mins)

At 12-0 to the Raiders, the Broncos side would need a lot of power and momentum to win this game. The Raiders had a good completion rate, but after a while they give a turnover to the Broncos. On the 5Th Broncos make 18 metres and when they kicked the ball they thought that they could get the first try to add points on there scoreboard. But it all stopped when Doogan catched the ball. when they ran the ball they were very disappointed, because they dropped it and they didn't even pass there territory. Just then the Broncos pass the 50 and run all the way till they get tackled in the Raiders 22. On the second I felt a tingle go down my spine saying " C'mon C'mon, you guys can get the try. But when the Australian captain Darren Lockeyr touched the ball, he threw a bad pass. So that forced the Broncos to hand the ball over. Then Joel Monaghan runs the ball, gaining a few metres for the Capital of Australia Canberra. Then on the 4th, Raiders go hard and fast as they enter the 5m line. Then Bronson Harrison gets the ball and try. The ref goes upstairs to check the grounding and if it was a forward pass from Phil Graham. The Video Referee says "No try", which leaves both Bronson Harrison and the Raiders coach angry. Then the commentator said" I think that they didn't learn from the last game. Brisbane then ran and on the 3rd, they pass the 50m line. On play 5 they get another opportunity to put points on the scoreboard. But Doogan again catches the flying ball that they kicked. Then on the 5th they kicked the ball high into the air. The Broncos fullback Karmichael Hunt caught the ball and made a good effort to stay in play. When they kicked it, Raiders caught it. On the 5th Josh Miller played the ball, but they make a mistake. In no time, Canberra had the ball again. This time as they ran Doogan scores the try out wide. They went upstairs but no mistake was made. Terry Campese kicked the ball on the sideline but misses leaving the scores 16-0 to the Canberra Raiders. The Half-time siren goes and I know that the Broncos coach needed a lot to say to the boys. Amazingly, at all the stats on the board, the Raiders are on top. As the Broncos kick, the Raiders stomp on there defence. Then on the third, Phil Graham scores a try, which changes the scoreboard to 20-0. Terry Campese kicked the ball right in front of the goal post. Now it's 22-0 to the Raiders. Then after the kick from Broncos, the Raiders lose it. But when the Broncos get the ball, they turn it over for not letting go. Then Raiders get another try from the Centre Phil Graham. Terry Campese missed the kick like before Halftime. Now it's 26-0 to the Raiders. Josh Monaghan scored another try out in the corner. Campese gets the kick 32-0. Jarrod Croker chiped over the Broncos defence, but the Broncos caught it. When they kick the fullback catches it. But gets held up from Campese. Canberra, then gets a penalty and Bronson Harrison scores a try by stomping on the Broncos Defence. Terry Campese was desperate to get the kick........ and he did. Now it's 38-0 to the Raiders. When the line-breaks popped up, it was 8-Raiders and 1-Broncos. The Brisbane Broncos, finally touches the ball and gets a penalty on the third. But when Ben Tio ran, he was held and he didn't know. So he offloaded to the chest and then the Broncos Knock it on. Then Phil Graham scored try number 4 for Raiders that night. Campese got the kick and started to rest after a 44-0 lead. Jerrel Crocker scores a try and then the comentator said "the points just keep coming don't they". 10 minuets left for the most embarrising game in the world for Broncos. Even we thought that only the most embarrising game for Broncos was against Melbourn, 40-0. But nooooooo it was this one. In the last 4min, The Raiders score under the post from Josh Mcrone. And Terry gets the kick. After that I wondered what the Broncos would think when there coach was leaving the stadium. At Fulltime Raiders win 56-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
So all I have to say is WELL DONE RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


On the second week of the holidays. :Me, my Mum, my Dad, my little brother, and my little sister went in a car for a road trip, we went from Auckland to Rotorua. We left our house on Tuesday and it took us about 2-3 hours to get there. On the way we saw heaps of trees and that reminded me about how we all breath fresh air from the trees, as for other countries; it's really hot and you could get really sunburned. In other countries they can hardly breath because of all the pollution in the air. Pollution is when :not much trees are around, there are heaps of people living in that country, or that their are many factories around the city and are making clouds of smoke in the the air. When we got to Rotorua it smelled like rotten eggs and my dad said that was called sulphur. We had already checked in online and all we had to do next was get our card, take in all our luggage and think of what plans we were going to do next. The Hotel we checked 'in was called Rydges. We all decided that we all should go swimming of course because if we would vote in our family about which town is the best to go swimming at????? We would choose Rotorua. We went swimming at about 7-30 and swam for 1-2 hours. I backstroked really well and I also free styled really well, but the swimming style that I'm not quite good at is breaststroke. I haven't practised that style so that not why I'm good at it. I met a friend and he said he likes to breaststroke. So he told me a few tips and I learned quite a lot from him. We then played who can do the best handstand under the water. I did cool tricks from my break dancing career. The next day we went to Gisbourne. This time it took 4-5 hours to get to Gisbourne because I think that we went the long way which was through the Gorge. The Gorge from Rotorua to Gisbourne has many mountains and is very dangerous in winter. When we got there we saw a beach that is known as the best surfing beach in New Zealand. The beach was called Wainui beach. When we got back from Gisbourne we went straight into the pools. Do you want to know what the strange thing is when we got to the pools. We saw my cousins Canaan and Xavier. I was really shocked when I found out that they must of checked in the same hotel as us. We played rugby in the pools and then I played tag with my younger cousin, since he had to play in the shallow pool, but the bad news was that he had no one to play with, so I did. The next day was farewell to the hotel and hello back home. As we were on our way out I was the last one because I stayed for a minute or two to say goodbye to the room. When we arrived home i felt really lucky and that that was a holiday to remember.
Special thanks to and for the cool photos.