Thursday, October 15, 2009

Damaging Tsunami in Samoa

The Shock
I was at Camp (Totara Springs) in Matamata during our school holidays, we were in the middle of our "Cabin Inspection" when our headmaster told us that we had to sit down. I was quite confused considering that I was in the middle of folding up my spare blanket. As I came down to sit; I realized that one of our leaders were looking depressed or upset. Our Headmaster then went up to that leader and cheered him up by saying "Are you all right". This was unusual because this leader was my leader and we had just finished going on the "Hydroslide". I sat down on a spare bed with some friends next to me. Unexpectedly, my Area Head walked in. His name was "Seb" and he came in to inspect our cabin. Our Headmaster then said " There are about 4 or 5 Samoan people who have family in Samoa". In Samoa there has been a "DAMAGING TSUNAMI!!!. I was terrified because I am a Samoan and I had family in SAMOA. The Shock put a lot of sadness in my heart

Having Faith
I knew now why my leader was feeling a bit upset. He was Samoan too. He then said a prayer while tears ran down my face like it was trying to race down in a split second. I felt like I was lost in total darkness and did not know where to go. Then my Headmaster came to sit next to me and cheer me up. As my leader ended his prayer I walked out the door for dinner ever so slowly thinking what should I do now. When I sat down at our cabins dinner table, I tried to hide my face from other campers. It was no use because I could not find a way to smile. My leader then said to be strong in the Lord with all your heart. I started to gain faith but still sulk.

Letting It All Go
5mins past and my Headmaster asked for the microphone. He then said to all the Campers that there has been a Tsunami in Samoa and that the shocking news is that the Tsunami in Samoa has lots of stories to tell. I started to let it all go after some thinking. I then continued my Camp without the Damaging Tsunami in Samoa blocking FUN.


  1. Erene - I felt much the same when I heard that a Tsunami had struck Samoan - although I am not a Samoan, so I don't have family there but I have taught lots of Samoan students and have Samoan friends. The outpouring of grief over the tragedy and the way the people are coming together have been positives. Really like the way that you wrote about it, and turning such a dramatic, stressful event into something that is an important piece of writing is a very good thing.
    Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Erene. I received a text first thing in the morning from a cousin. I didn't want to believe it - but still went online to check what the papers were saying...sadly it was confirmed.
    I'm so glad for you and all the other Pt Englanders that you had Mr Burt look after you at this time. I feel your sadness and and that of the other children present during camp. I'm also glad that you were able to deal with this tragedy with such good and solid support. This meant you could still enjoy the rest of your time at camp. This is a very good piece of writing Erene. I hope other Riversiders will get to read this too.
    Malo lava

  3. Talofa Erene,
    I am really proud of the way you've expressed your feelings about the tragedy in our homeland - Samoa. It's not easy to express feelings of sadness, and you have with great strength and faith. Even though we are so far away from our loved ones back in Samoa they are never too far in our hearts.
    I'm glad that you were able to move on in faith and continue to have an enjoyable camp.
    Keep praying for our people and Island home Erene.
    Alofa Tele

  4. Talofa Erene, I am reading this post far away in Bahrain and I am very touched by what you have shared here. I have heard that the kiwi community here in the Middle East have raised $34,000 to give to Samoa to help out with rebuilding. It warmed my heart to see that people all over the world reach out to offer support in hard times like this.
    Mrs Burt

  5. hey Erene that is a great sad story and nice work


  6. Hey Erene,
    I had felt sort of the same about the tsunami because some of my family was there at the time.I cried then laughed LOL.

    From Kayde

  7. Hey Erene

    Was'nt it so sad that some heaps of people died in Samoa. The worst part about it was that the pictures in extension

    keep up the good work Erene
    Matt and Cruz