Sunday, August 2, 2009

Canberra Raiders vs Brisbane Broncos ( does not include the first 20 mins)

At 12-0 to the Raiders, the Broncos side would need a lot of power and momentum to win this game. The Raiders had a good completion rate, but after a while they give a turnover to the Broncos. On the 5Th Broncos make 18 metres and when they kicked the ball they thought that they could get the first try to add points on there scoreboard. But it all stopped when Doogan catched the ball. when they ran the ball they were very disappointed, because they dropped it and they didn't even pass there territory. Just then the Broncos pass the 50 and run all the way till they get tackled in the Raiders 22. On the second I felt a tingle go down my spine saying " C'mon C'mon, you guys can get the try. But when the Australian captain Darren Lockeyr touched the ball, he threw a bad pass. So that forced the Broncos to hand the ball over. Then Joel Monaghan runs the ball, gaining a few metres for the Capital of Australia Canberra. Then on the 4th, Raiders go hard and fast as they enter the 5m line. Then Bronson Harrison gets the ball and try. The ref goes upstairs to check the grounding and if it was a forward pass from Phil Graham. The Video Referee says "No try", which leaves both Bronson Harrison and the Raiders coach angry. Then the commentator said" I think that they didn't learn from the last game. Brisbane then ran and on the 3rd, they pass the 50m line. On play 5 they get another opportunity to put points on the scoreboard. But Doogan again catches the flying ball that they kicked. Then on the 5th they kicked the ball high into the air. The Broncos fullback Karmichael Hunt caught the ball and made a good effort to stay in play. When they kicked it, Raiders caught it. On the 5th Josh Miller played the ball, but they make a mistake. In no time, Canberra had the ball again. This time as they ran Doogan scores the try out wide. They went upstairs but no mistake was made. Terry Campese kicked the ball on the sideline but misses leaving the scores 16-0 to the Canberra Raiders. The Half-time siren goes and I know that the Broncos coach needed a lot to say to the boys. Amazingly, at all the stats on the board, the Raiders are on top. As the Broncos kick, the Raiders stomp on there defence. Then on the third, Phil Graham scores a try, which changes the scoreboard to 20-0. Terry Campese kicked the ball right in front of the goal post. Now it's 22-0 to the Raiders. Then after the kick from Broncos, the Raiders lose it. But when the Broncos get the ball, they turn it over for not letting go. Then Raiders get another try from the Centre Phil Graham. Terry Campese missed the kick like before Halftime. Now it's 26-0 to the Raiders. Josh Monaghan scored another try out in the corner. Campese gets the kick 32-0. Jarrod Croker chiped over the Broncos defence, but the Broncos caught it. When they kick the fullback catches it. But gets held up from Campese. Canberra, then gets a penalty and Bronson Harrison scores a try by stomping on the Broncos Defence. Terry Campese was desperate to get the kick........ and he did. Now it's 38-0 to the Raiders. When the line-breaks popped up, it was 8-Raiders and 1-Broncos. The Brisbane Broncos, finally touches the ball and gets a penalty on the third. But when Ben Tio ran, he was held and he didn't know. So he offloaded to the chest and then the Broncos Knock it on. Then Phil Graham scored try number 4 for Raiders that night. Campese got the kick and started to rest after a 44-0 lead. Jerrel Crocker scores a try and then the comentator said "the points just keep coming don't they". 10 minuets left for the most embarrising game in the world for Broncos. Even we thought that only the most embarrising game for Broncos was against Melbourn, 40-0. But nooooooo it was this one. In the last 4min, The Raiders score under the post from Josh Mcrone. And Terry gets the kick. After that I wondered what the Broncos would think when there coach was leaving the stadium. At Fulltime Raiders win 56-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
So all I have to say is WELL DONE RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!


  1. And all I have to say is WELL DONE Erene. Again, what an amazing sports analysis. I could tell you have worked really hard during your weekend to produce this excellent piece of writing. I liked the way you used alot of indirect speech in your writing.

    Keep up the fantastic work and I can't wait to read more of your writing.

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  3. Hi Erene,
    Wow - you sound like your ready to hit the sound waves on a sports radio station - you would be fantastic! You obviously followed the game very closely - I loved all the detail you included - 'chips over the top of defence...'etc.
    I loved watching the Raiders when I was younger because they had a huge unit - Mal Meninga. He coaches the Queensland team now. You may have fun finding out his stats as he holds some records for the Australian Rugby League team.
    Keep up the good writing Erene.
    Mrs Tele'a