Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 2-day special birthday

On Thursday the 13th of August 2009 I turned ten!!!!. When I woke up I got a special breakfast. My brother and I had Pancakes with syrup, Eggs half cooked, and juicy bacon. Then my Dad gave me my presents. It was a Michael Jackson book, Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 album, and also a Sudoku book. My favourite song by the Jackson 5 is Farewell My Summer Love, Blame It On The Boogie, ABC, Ben, I'll Be There, We're Going Back To Indiana, The Love You Save, My Girl, Rockin Robin, Dancing Machine, Who's loving you and La La (means I Love you). My birthday card was really cool as well because it had Bugs Bunny on it. I like Bugs Bunny because I like his catch phrase "whats up doc". That Same day I went to my Grandpa's house and when I got there......., they said HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Later on my Auntie and Uncle came to my Grandpa's house as well. They came with a present. Then we ate and I felt really happy. I was eagerly awaiting to blow out my candles. My cake was a Mud cake. Mud cakes are my favourite, mmmmmmmm. When I got to blow out my candles, it took me two blows to blow out my candles. Then it was time to open my presents. I got a mini soccer table, a game called Brain Drain, A rugby ball and 20 dollars.

Day 2
I invited my 2 best friends, Joshua and Aidan. They came to my 2nd birthday.We went to MegaZone and when we got there there was 3 other birthdays. I also invited some of my cousins and relatives. Not much people was there so we had to go downstairs and play with the timeout games, we had no money, so my Dad payed the man for us to play Dodgems. It was really hard to control the vehicle because if you turned the wheel around lots of times, then your vehicle would of reversed. I got stuck for 5mins and then I started to go round and round again. We only had 3 Megazone games. I was on the red team. The people on the red team were Canaan, Joshua, Aidan and me. We didn't win but we had a whole lot of fun. Then we went back into the party room for a snack. I ate some lollies and cupcakes. Unexpectedly, the man came in and it was our second game. This time we had to challenge other people. We were all Blue. When we heard the news, we started to get a bit confident since we this was our second time here. All our work payed off because we WONNNNN. Yes we had beaten them by a mile of points. That was my first victory at Mount Wellington Laser Strike. Then we went back and guess what????????? the hot food arrived. It was pizza and some fizzy drinks. I was so hungry that I ate almost half a pizza. Then the man came in again, this time he said that this was our last game. We were all ready to take on the rest of the people that was there. We were blue again, but there was a BIG problem, the yellow team ( who we faced before) decided that they would team up with the other team UNFAIR. So we lost. When we got back to our party room. There was lots of moans and groans. Then we went back downstairs to the Timeout room. We had no money so we got as many balloons as we could and lifted them up in the air.

That was the end. Hope to see you soon.............


  1. Oka oka oka, what an amazing birthday you did have Erene! I'm glad that you documented this very special occasion. Ten years is a very special age, because now you're in double digits!
    Keep up the good work.

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  3. Hi Erene,

    When you go to HEAVEN you might be able to see Michael one day.

    Your sinserly Matthew

  4. Hi there Erene,

    I hope you had A great Birthday Erene because I'm a bit jealous.You received some amazing presents from your dad.I hope you had A great time at your Grandpa's.One day when you go to heaven you might be lucky enough to see MJ Michael Jackson.

    From your good friend Kayde.

  5. Hi again Erene,

    My favourite MJ Michael Jackson hit is "The Girl is mine". Seeya.