Thursday, August 6, 2009

Professor Cambell Conference Fiordland


On the 5th of August, 2009 .The Extension group had a Video conference with Hamish Campbell. Hamish Campbell works at the Te Papa museum. The Te Papa Museum is at Wellington, and we were talking to him from Auckland. He was with another lady who was called Diana-Grace. The last time we met Hamish Campbell was when he told us about dinosaurs last term.

Death of the Dinosaur Lady
Hamish asked us if we had any more questions about Dinosaurs. No one had a question. Then Hamish said," Did you know that Joan Wiffen is dead." We all gasped sadly, because Joan Wiffen was the first person to discover dinosaur bones in New Zealand. Hamish said that she died at the age of 87 and will always be remembered as the "Dinosaur Lady".

China Earthquake,or Fiordland Earthquake
Anyway, we next went on and started to talk about the Earthqake that had hit Fiordland last month. He said that there was also another Earthquake which was 7.8 in magnitude. It hit Tangshan in China, and killed 242,000 people because roofs fell down and killed them in their sleep. It was funny though that the Fiordland Earthquake was also 7.8 in magnitude but no one died. Hamish Campbell said that no one died because it was all isolated.

How Earthquakes form
Earthquakes form by 2 plates crashing tProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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ether. The 2 plates that crashed for the Fiordland Earthquake to form was the Pacific plate and the Australian plate. Hamish said that Earthquakes do not hit Auckland, because the Pacific plate goes across the top of South Island. At the bottom of South Island, the Australian plate went under the Pacific plate. But at the top of South Island, the Pacific plate went under the Australian plate. The Earthquake lasted for 30 seconds. The China Earthquake lasted for only 15 seconds, and he said that when he was in Wellington he felt the Earthquake.

Farewell Hamish
At the end Diana-Grace said goodbye to us, and they said that they hoped we would all meet again later on in the year. We felt excited at the end and said thankyou.
Thanks Hamish.


  1. WOW!! Erene what a great way to end the story.I also liked the way how you descirbed about the two different earthquakes.My favourite bit was the paragraph about how earthquakes form. All I think you could do better on is trying to make sence (no affence) but I also have reconised that I have spelling mistakes please excuse the spelling,any ways great job!!

    Ala Toetuu

  2. Hi Erene,
    I like the way you have
    described your story.
    Yeah and it was cool there.
    I couldn't take my eyes
    even just a little bit.

    Well keep up the good work best friend.
    Remember God loves you and
    nothing can seperate us from his amazing love.
    Read your bible everyday and pray everyday.
    God will bless you if you do those things.

    God bless.
    By Joshua.

  3. Hello Erene. You have made good efforts to organise your writing into paragraphs. You have shared many of the details that Hamish shared with us - isn't our planet an amazing place! Yes it's amazing how our Fiordland earthquake lasted longer than the one in Tangshan in 1976, yet no one was hurt in NZ. Though in Tangshan 242,000 died. Makes you think and wonder many things doesn't it?! Keep up the good work Erene. Malo lava.
    Mrs Tele'a

  4. Hey Erene

    Is'nt it sad that Joan Wiffen passed away. Anyway Hamish explained some very interesting news that we did not know. Are we lucky that we do not have earthquakes around us. If we did we would probably be dead

    Keep up the good work