Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 Reflection

Term 1
The topic for Term 1 was to speak politely, in other words, "The Language of Success". I learnt a lot of ways to greet people politely and at the same time,as meeting new friends in our class like Aidan.  Moving in Room 15 to be a senior was a real big step so I was a bit quiet in the first few weeks of the year. 

Term 2 
In Term 2 we learned about Dino-might. It was real cool considering all of the vicious dinosaurs and heart-beating Herbivores. To me Dino-might was my best subject. I do think that I could of worked on my behavior about talking to others a bit. But besides that I think that I have improved in my behavior from Term 1, and that I really enjoyed studying Dinosaurs. I also have enjoyed working with Hamish Campbell.

Term 3
In Term 3 we all learned about a very popular primary subject: The Art In Storytelling. This topic is still buzzing in people's heads today. My most favourite fairy tale character is Hansel because he took a big responsibility to look after Gretal from starvation and defeat the ugly witch. Also to sit up when we are on the mat.

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  1. Hi Erene,
    You have written some thoughtful reflections. Yes I agree that Dino-might was a very popular subject that everyone enjoyed. I really enjoyed learning more about dinosaurs myself and also going to the Auckland museum was a highlight. I'm glad to hear that your behaviour in class is improving alot.

    Keep striving for the best!