Monday, January 25, 2010

Ravishing Rotorua- The Arrival 2010

On Monday the 18th of January. My Mum and Dad talked together and arranged a family road trip to Rotorua. After we heard the news, we all packed our bags the night before we left. We have been going to Rotorua for ten years now and the last time we went there we stayed at a Hotel called Rydges and I have to say that that hotel is so good on quality, location and meals.

The next morning, when the sun was high, we all had breakfast in a rush and was ready to go in our new car to Rotorua. I wanted to sit at the back because my Dad said that if you sit at the back you get to play PSP because there wasn't much room. I was ferocious when I heard the news, angry outraged, but by the time I had calmed down it was my turn to play PSP. When my brother passed it to me, I was delighted, energized and fully confident to know that I could beat my opponents. On my 27th battle I lost but the good thing was that we were almost there. Since it wasn't my turn, I decided to lay down and read the new book ( by new I mean last last year) I got called "The Mystery Of The Vanished Prince', by Enid Blyton. I drifted off to sleep after chapter 12.

When I woke up the sweet smell of Rotorua hit my nose and I remembered all the times I have come here. The sweet smell of Rotorua is also called Sulphur. We stayed at a hotel called Distinction. After we put all our bags in our room we went to the park and played a few games.

I went on the swing and I played " Swing rope". To play Swing rope you have to have a swing and a line in front of you but 6 metres away. Then you must hop on a swing and try to go highest that you can and jump off. If you pass the line then you get one point. Repeat ten times but if you don't make it that counts as a try.

When we came back to our hotel we went to the pools and swam all the way till eleven. It was pretty deep and it was outside too. Which also means it was cold. I kept swimming the length off the pool back and fourth. After I got tired I started to do some bombs and flips off the side of the pool. Exhausted, I dragged myself to the other end where the Spa was. I turned on the air jets and hopped in,it felt like a massage from a water robot. After a while I started to wonder around and see what else this place has got. I found a cave and in that cave was more Spa pools. Then there was one with a mini waterfall. I lazily pulled myself out and went back to my room number, got dressed in my Pj's and went to sleep ready for day 2.


  1. Hi Erene,
    Wow son, what an amazing start to your 2010 blogging. I really enjoyed reading your recount of our holiday to Rotorua and I can't wait to hear how you're going to explain the rest of our trip.

    Keep up the opportunity of sharing your thoughts and experiences on your blog Erene because it is great way of improving your writing and reading skills.

    Well Done Erene! Malo le Taumafai
    Love Mum

  2. Go Erene. A great recount of what sounds like a super time with your family. I'm looking forward to the next part to your story. I especially like the part where you describe the spa as a 'water robot'. Great imagination. We'll see you next week when school starts. Hope you're ready for another fantastic year at school.
    Mrs Tele'a

  3. Hi Erene, I really enjoyed reading about your trip to Rotorua - and laughed when you mentioned the smell. We don't seem to tell the tourists about that when we tell them they should visit Rotorua, do we! I was delighted to see that even though you were writing this in the holidays, you took the time to think about your readers and use intersting words and phrases to grab our attention. Well done!
    Mrs Burt

  4. Hi Erene..
    I have only been to Rotarua once but after reading your post I want to go back. It made me remeber the face I pulled when i got out of the car and smelled it for the first time !!!
    Miss Ferguson... Tamaki College

  5. Hi Erene. What an excellent recount of your trip to Rotorua. I enjoyed some of the wonderfully descriptive language you used, made me feel like I was there! Great story!
    Principal, Koputaroa School.

  6. Erene,

    This was a great recount of your trip. All of the details and creativity made me almost feel like I was there! It was a very descriptive, creative recount of what you did. Keep up the great posts!

    Kyleigh, University of South Alabama