Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ravishing Rotorua- Day 2 2010

When I woke up I didn't know what we were doing today. So I ever so slowly dragged myself a cross the rug and brushed my teeth. As I got changed I started to realize that we were about to have breakfast. So I sprung my eyes open as fast as toast coming out of a toaster and got changed in a flash.

When we arrived to our breakfast room we expected a tremendous room with fancy lights, tables, chairs, cutnnary and flooring, and when we got there we weren't disappointed. Everything was beautiful. So the only thing left that was needed to be tested was the food. first, we had to start off with some cereal, I had riceis with trim milk and it was delicious. Then I ate some eggs, bacon, baked beans and toast. "Wow" I said on a full stomach, " That is some meal these guys can whip up"I said. "Where are we going today" I asked quite deter mainly to my Dad, "To Wildlife Valley Springs" said my Dad.

After that we were ready to set off to "Wildlife Valley Springs". Me and my brother were jittery and jumpy while we were on our way to "Wildlife Valley Springs". When we arrived we leaped out of the car. "Would ya look at this place" I thought knowing that today would be a day to remember. As I walked in I saw a man mowing the lawns, he was in his " Wildlife Valley Springs" uniform.

When I walked in there was a counter, the counter was supervised by a lady who was sweating. There also were lots of great souvenirs such as magnets, caps, skin-care products, toys, possum merino clothing, key chains and T-shirts. We brought a cup of food that we could feed to the Trouts and the Ducks. When we walked through the entrance their was a creepy passage way that lead across to a door. We followed the passage way and just before we had contact with the door that the passage led too we saw a machine making fresh water bottles filled with water. When I was walking it cornered the corner of my eye and when I focused on it it made me quite thirsty on a hot day.
We proceeded and walked through the door, there was two birds and a giant possum. The Possum was sleeping heavily and the two birds were squawking most cheerfully. " That must be a pain in the neck" I thought, "All that noise from these two birds when a possums trying to get some rest".The two birds was a Kakariki and a kea. These two lovely looking birds aren't as harmless as they look though if you see them for yourselves. You see The " Kea" can be quite nippible too. It can chew of rubber.

We then continued our journey but was stopped when we saw some steps that led to the Ngongotaha Stream. We went down the steps and thought that this would of been the chance to use some of the Trout and Duck food. In my point of view there is about 18,000 Trout in the stream. We threw some food and then about 4 ducks came and gobbled the food that we chucked. About 70% of the food that we threw in the stream were eaten by the ducks, 5% gone to the Trout and 20% gone to waste. We then went to the next place were we got to feed some more Trout. We tried to feed the Trout but the ducks noticed the food and zoomed to were we were feeding the Trouts. The Trouts lazily just swam in the same spot up the stream until before long they decided to make do. Some of the Trouts were eating the food we chucked and then my Dad said " Lets try and aim for the ducks back". So I did but fortunately I missed them all.

We then moved on and saw some deer. The Deer looked just like the ones that I saw on Animal Planet, only smaller. I stretched my hand so that I could see what they felt like. It felt like a beard, There was a little log that had a sign which said "Found by Captain Cook". Under the sign there was a pair of horns and so I leaned on the log to see if I can reach the horns but obviously I couldn't.

Then me, my brother and my Dad went off for a nature walk which was part of Wildlife Valley Springs. We saw many shapes and sizes of plants and trees. We gazed at nature not knowing though that we were about to meet a cave were you could get to see the trouts in the water. When we met the cave we saw a Trout and could hear the sound of a waterfall.

I think "Wildlife Valley Springs" is a great place to go and explore. The adventure I had was truly magnificent . I'd recommend this place to absolutely anyone who wants adventure now and then. And in my view that superb day would certainly be a day that i'll remember for the rest of my life


  1. Hi Erene,
    Fantastic writing Erene. I really liked the way you described our holiday to Rotorua. You have used some really good imagery and descriptive language, and I especially like the way you compared the action of your eyes opening to bread popping out of a toaster - Superb! Well done Erene, Keep up the awesome work.

  2. What a fabulous adventure you have had Erene. I am enjoying the 'Rotorua Chronicles'. Are there more? I sincerely hope so. Mrs Burt