Friday, March 5, 2010

Vincent Van Gogh

On Friday the 5th of March, The bell rang and when we entered the door and sat down. There were newspapers on the tables and pictures on our whiteboard and at that moment I knew that we were going to do some "Van Gough" sketching.

To start off Mrs Garden read us a book about Van Gough, the story was really sad because when he was living his paintings weren't admired. He loved painting so much that he had to stop buying food in order to keep his art reputation. But he only sold a few drawings and paintings, things are different today, one of his paintings is EIGHTY SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS.

We were all given a painting to sketch (not to trace!!!) and were told that we have to draw the lines. Not the whole painting. This is me trying to sketch one of his more brighter paintings.

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  1. Hi Erene,
    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts about your Art experience. Van Gogh is one of my favourite artist and it is a shame that his masterpieces didn't get recognised until after his death, because no doubt he would of been a very wealthy man.
    I love his art works named, 'Sunflowers', 'The Chair' and 'Starry night'.
    Do you remember visiting the 'Lourve' in Rome? That was great to see the real canvases of masterpieces like 'Mona Lisa' by Leonardo Da Vinci and my favourite 'Creation' by Michaelangelo.
    I hope you enjoy your remaining art lessons.