Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camp Kindess

As I came back from camp, I dragged my legs inside the house and dropped on the couch. With a little effort, I sat up to have a moment and remember the highlights of our "Pt England School camp."

The first activity was "Ten Pin Bowling", and I'll tell you now, it was probably one of the most enjoyable activities that we took. My group was called Soul Squad . My opponents were Nikora, Nezinli, Joe and Kayde. I got the best bowl and the worst!!!! The reason why I got the best was because I was the only one to get a strike and I got the worst bowl because when I bowled my 6th turn, the ball was stuck to my hands! So when I bowled it didn't go off my hands and on the bowling alley, but it flew up in the air and hit the fire extinguisher ( Aghhhhhh ). At that moment I thought I was in trouble but no, I wasn't. "Phew".

As I led "Soul Squad" into the hall we saw all of the groups sitting down on the hall floor. All of the groups magnetized there eyes on the projector screen. They all were watching the old fashioned "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate factory". As time past, more people such as brothers, Mums and Dads, relatives, cousins and older siblings started to flood into the hall. Mrs Nua stopped the movie and greeted all of us and the special visitors. She said that it was time to start our item. First up was TLC (if you were wondering, it meant Tender loving care).
All the excitement was so high that it was suddenly our turn, that's right Soul Squad's turn. Our item was really action packed and super fantastic. But when we saw the Considerators's item. We just couldn't compete with the Considerators. In the end we came second and the Considerators topped the table in first place.

On Friday was the last day off camp, where we were going to spend the whole day at " Swim' O' Rama". Most off the year 5's hung their heads down while they were cleaning up there tent. The only reason why was pretty, they didn't want camp to end. After we cleaned up our area we were told to sit down in the hall to be split up into groups for the bus. We were with the kind crew in the bus and even though we were the first one to go we were the last one to reach our destination.
When we got there Mrs Nua told us that to start off we should have some swimming races. I competed in the ten year old grade. I was pretty fast for a ten year old. In fact, I was in the Swimming Inter zone. After the races Mrs Nua led a group one by one and as I and so it begins. I splashed and swam and I even went on the hydro slide. Then I played with an Argentinean guy at soccer and I won.

As we went back home everyone was tired and drousy. I guess that was the highlights of this years "Camp Kindess".

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