Tuesday, April 7, 2009

X-box Party Mansion

X-box party Mansion is a game on Miniclip.Miniclip is a game website that is on the computer. It's super awesome and when we first tried it because there was a advertisement it was out of this world. The aim of the game is to find all the items on the  list as fast as you can. Their was this guy from Brazil and he was on fire. Because the score was 1137489. Even I don't know how to say that number. For  me the easiest room to find all the things in the list is? The Family Room. With a total score of 9:01. But I'm sure that the Brazilian guy should have gotten about 9: 21 seconds. There also is the hints.HINTS- tells you where a object on the list is. You also get a chance to gain more hints so that it can help you in the next room.We usually use the hints when we haven't found the ones which we will never find.When me and my uncle finished we agreed that  we should submit our work.We came 122nd.Pretty good score in the world.    

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  1. Hello Erene, I can tell by your writing here that you are very excited about this game. I know that new games and gadgets are being created BUT I don't know what they all are! So I need your help - what is a 'Miniclip'?

    I have given playstation a bit of a go, not xbox. What is the difference between the two?

    I really don't know how to use the controls effectively yet in playstation, but to my surprise I manage to win a few times on various games!

    Keep up the good work Erene. Keep checking over your work to make sure it's at it's best.

    Mrs Tele'a