Monday, March 23, 2009

New Zealand Warriors vs Manly Seaeagles

WOOOOOW!!!!!!!!The kick off just started and it was a real start from the 7Th minuete try by Bani and at the end of the first half the score was already a try by Brent Tate and made it 16-10 and the lead was our team the New Zealand Warriors.Later after the 5 minuete break it  was time for our turn to kick and there was also a man on the field and it was on our side,his nickname is the little general. Can you guess who it is ?.It was Stacey Jones. That's right after a 3 year of his NRL season he was back on the field and ready for some magic to put into the game. But  on the 64Th minuete it was 24-16 to them and Stacey had the ball and chiped kicked the ball in the air,caught it and was so close to passing to Wade Mckinnon but dummyed the ball and went a little bit further then passed to Brent and he scored the try and Joel Moon need the kick to win the game and he got it by 2 points over Manly  the full time score was 24-26. So the only thing left is That's my team.


  1. Wow!!! Erene that was a cool story you wrote.
    who did you go for?
    Well I think you went for Warriors and stacey jones The warrior legend and the all black legend and it seems like he is welommed back to his warriors team.
    Keep up the good Work number 1# Warrior fan

  2. Wow Erene that was a good story to read did you watch the game? because I diden't and my cousin goes for the manly Seaeagles

  3. Hey Erene

    WOW that was a great story and I wish I was at the rugby tournament. The rugby tournament must of been really fun and really good to watch.

    From Sylvia

  4. Hey Erene
    WOW!!!That must of been a great game you must of
    enjoyed it you must really like that...

  5. Wow Erene

    That was great story I like the way you talk about who won and that was great we won
    or did the other team win????????

  6. Hey Erene

    That was a good game.And that is my team to.It was a very close game though.That was a good story and I hope you keep up your cool stories.