Monday, March 9, 2009

Burger King-we let nothing get in the way

Last week on Thursday in extension we had to learn about food since that's our topic on Rock our world.And the thing is that we had to was learn about BK. My group had to get the main meal or burger in BK.We or I figured out on the Internet that it was the Whopper.And the first person who founded it was John McLamore and David Edgeaton. And then the Burger king was fist published and opened in 1954,the address is 5505 blue lagoon drive,Miami,Florida 33126,USA. 


  1. Well done Erene! Keep working on your blog. Try to check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Make sure that you write in full sentences. I'll take you to Burger King on Thursday for some extra "research" on the whopper. Alofa atu.

  2. Malo lava Erene! Great to see you are enjoying your research project. Keep up the good work!