Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today we had to go to my church's camp and it was at Hunua falls at Papakura. On Friday between 5o'clock and 6'o'clock we had to get on the bus and head to our campsite. It took for ages to get there and me and my friend lamb was just talking the whole way without anything to eat for 45 minutes while my brother Esrah kept on teasing and eating. When we got there we had to have a little prayer and talk about which cabin we were going to sleep in and what time the lights goes out. I was sleeping with a Sunday school teacher and 3 friends. When we go to sleep we have our own beds but we do have to bring a sleeping bag or a sheet, pillows and a blanket. This was because when we got there there was nothing but the mattress (the mattress was leaning on the side).
When we woke up the worst thing was about it was the the smell of the toilets. It was awful and there were insects such as cockroaches, grasshoppers, frogs and lizards. But here comes the good part, breakfast. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It was delicious. I had Nutra grain.
Then we had fitness and our team (the Blue team) had to play lape with a football 2 times because we lost 2 times. Then we played rob the nest and we kept on winning. After that my team had to be given lyrics and had to sing either a rap, song or dance. We chose all three with a chant to go with it. I was a rapper at the same time as a singer and dancer so I was a bit of all three. While the other teams were on free time because after all the rain when we went to sleep it could of put heaps of logs to the waterfall because we were going to swim in a waterfall but the rain had made it dirty.But when we finished it was free time(just for a little while).But then we had a shower and headed for dinnertime and then dessert time.But before it was our item and we had to do our song.It was crackup they were all laughing.And even the
chant the parents said that we were the best.But sadly they didn't even award points for our group, which was sad so so very very sad. But when we went to dinner it held us up so we answered some questions and then win prizes. And I won a chess set but I opened it and when we played it it all fell out. Then Mrs Te'lea asked us to get into our pjs. But then on the way we found 2 frogs on the way. They told us (the teachers) that we are going to put a movie but if you stay out, you go possum hunting or chat in you're cabin. Sunday. The day when we had to pack up and sweep our room day. But then we headed for the chapel. And we went on the bus which I slept in.


  1. Good work Erene did you have fun going possum hunting how much did you catch and were you in groups???

    ps.if there were groups what group would you be in.

  2. Oka oka Erene....what a wonderful recount of camp. I'm really proud of the quantity of your writing. Next time Erene, please reread your work aloud to check that it makes sense and also try and make your sentence beginnings different.
    Keep working hard Erene, Champions never give up!

  3. Yes Erene good story about camp it sounded like lots of fun (apart from ther stinky toilets). Like Mum said check your story especially the last half as there are parts in it I don't quite understand. Good work though. Oh, some photos would be great. We'll have to ask Mrs Tele'a idf she has some.

  4. You certainly sound like you enjoyed your Sunday School camp Erene!

    You made a very good effort to participate in all that was on offer at camp. We talked about that on the first night - participating and participate you did!!

    We actually did award your group points for winning so you don't have to be sad about that anymore. I must say you were difinately a highlight of that performance - strutting your stuff alongside Lafoga.

    I have found some photos for you, I'll do my best to get them to you so you can show your audience here some of the action you have described in your blog.

    It was lovely to read your post about the camp, reminded me of all the neat things we got up to, including the frogs and the huge insects!

    Mrs Tele'a