Thursday, February 19, 2009

The challenge

Room 15 walked into the hall surprisingly. We knew there was going to be a game. Everybody jumped and screamed and there were cheers everywhere. Matthew and Lepa were bouncing the balls as they were gathering them and the other equipment. We all had to get into partners, while catching our breath. The aim of the game was to try and dribble the ball around the cones,with the hockey stick. It felt like we were taking our first turn driving a real car. Then it was my turn. The crowd was on my side. My time was 1:36min.


  1. Hi Erene,
    Well done on getting your first post completed. Just remember next time to do a spellcheck and then get a buddy to check it as well
    Ms Squires

  2. did you enjoy the game. what was your partners time. i hoped you had a good time

  3. Hey Erene

    I am a little confused.
    The picture is about the newspaper clallenge. You are writing about the hockey challenge.
    First of all you should see what you are writing about and then see what the picture is that you are putting in the post.

    Thanks Mubasshira