Saturday, March 21, 2009

Camp Aratika (part 3)

Rock climbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. After morning it was rock climbing and there was a undefeated wall that hasn't been conquered yet but the other walls all went tick,chu ching I mean, since I climbed the walls and it was easy peasy or easy as pie.We had to stay for about two or three hours and we also had to have a special harness that we can clip on to make it safe for us to climb on.But not all of them climbing walls were clip on walls which said although we did have to do the safe ones which was alright.Just when there was about 15 minuets left Ms King aloud us for a race up the King Kong Tower (since the rest of the walls weren't the same and the King Kong Tower is a sky scraper).I was chosen for a race and I won (obviously because I was facing a girl).Lastly it was time to go home and I went in a car back to the school.

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  1. Malo Erene, your recount writing is improving all the time. Keep up the blogging Erene - you're a winner!
    p.s: Don't forget to always proofread and check your work that it has fullstops.