Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rock Our World

I have just been part off a global Rock Our world project on "Shoes" I learned that a shoe is much more than a piece of fabric. It has a meaning and a purpose. I have also had a conference with every one and the Rock Our World manager (Carol ann Mcguire) and the infomation below is just a brief reflection about me this year. We also made commercials for a shoe that we made.

Reflection 1: What did I do well

2: How could I have improved on what I did
Not to look sidewards and to behave, Commercial and to

3:What held you back
Talking and when I was stuck I tried to not ask for help

4:Focus and move away

5: purpose:
1.To Educate people
2. To bring people together
3. To give people a step to bigger things
4.Make friends
5. More chances too meet other people and learn

You can also see the conference if you click here ROW.

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  1. Malo Erene. I enjoyed reading your post, especially the list you have under 'Purpose'. It's great that you understand the value in participating in these global projects. Looking forward to what you will share on your blog next year. Keep it going Erene!
    Mrs Tele'a