Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is my PMI

Mount Tarawera is a New Zealand mountain that exploded about century ago.
In extension we had to create a movie that was a bout Mount Tarawera. Below it shows
a brief reflection of how this went.

P: The positive stuff was that we had a pretty good team to work with and we all helped
each other. Picking ourselves up in times of trouble is what we were good at. My
editing was normal but the only thing that was positive was that I finished my part of
the project fast and the quality ( in my point of view ) was a bit good and a bit pitchy.
Being part of team means having good respect to others. Sort of like having respect to
ref every time I play Rugby League. I was good at respecting others throughout this
project. But I need to do that more in order to have a happy life. (Don't worry this
comes to you to).

M: We went a bit slow even though we all had our own parts to do. Going slow was our
pace and our type of work. I worked sloppy though compared to some of the others in
my group. My scripting was average, but the thing that was bugging me (and was
probably bugging me since I was five) was that people kept talking to me. In order to
make my work go slower. Instead of me ignoring, I joined in. Trying not to talk to
anyone is probably the hardest thing that I could do.

I: Joshua was a REAL highlight of the whole project because he did lot is of work in a
small amount of time. MATTHEW was a guy who would stick his head down and work,
he wouldn't put it up unless his work was finished. I was good too. The work I did was
published and although I didn't work at my highest expectations I know now what to
improve and what I know I am good at.


  1. Malo Erene. I'm glad you got the chance to add more to your reflection. It's good that you enjoyed working with your team. I hope Joshua gets to read this as you've shared some very positive things about him and his work ethic. I can sense a very honest reflection here. Erene it's only natural to have a chat now and then with your mates, we all do that. Knowing when to stop and get on with work is a skill you are already developing. To help myself focus, I tell myself - I can chat later, for example after school. Right now - it's business time! You can do it Erene
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Mrs Tele'a
    Nice word of advice. I do reckon I am developing but I need to get better. Thnaks for the comment