Monday, May 31, 2010

A Pokey Situation

Hokey Pokey is a funny word. It reminds me of the ice-cream Hokey Pokey. But on Wednesday the 26th 2010 everything changed when we made Hokey Pokey. I'll begin.

Firstly, we went to the kitchen with lots of excitement. I didn't know for sure what this was. but I knew that the name says it all. Mr Hunia told us to go around him and watch what he would do. Mr Hunia took out a saucepan and started to add sugar. He then put some golden sugar in the pot and constanly stirred the mixture. All of a sudden , the suger and syrup dissolved into a kind of golden, yellowish( Must be because of the the syrup). Baking Powder was added in the mix and froth rised, because of the Baking Powder caused a chemical reaction. Then the mix started to rise and grow in size and change in colour and shape.

We then had to wait for the mix to cooldown, which didn't take long. The Hokey Pokey was cooled like lava cooling into scoria rock. The Hokey Pokey was funny looking when it came to the eating part. It was really lumpy too. But the taste was pretty much syrup with too much sugar.

This is a experiement that can help to understand lava a bit more. I would rate this event 6 out of 10 because the taste was under average but at least I enjoyed it, and who knows. Maybe if you do this you might enjoy it to

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