Friday, September 24, 2010

Fiafia drummers

On the last week of the school term on Thursday we had a festival. I was in the Drumming group. It was very cool. We even had a basketball part. I was in it. Overall I would give us a 8.5 out of 10. We had good fun and enjoyed ourselves. My stage fright got knocked out of the window when the climax builded. It was a cool night. One I'll remember.
Note: I am the one on the left holding the black basketball.


  1. Malo Erene! I really enjoyed your group's performance. Even though we watched from the staffroom on the actual Fiafia night - we could tell the audience absolutely loved it. You did such a good job in the basketball routine, I think I would have got lost if I tried to do it! Well done! Looking forward to another term of fun learning!
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. Hi Erene, Thank you for an awesome and entertaining performance last term. You have many gifts (ie, drumming and basketball), and I'm so happy that you were able to share it with the community on Fiafia night. Actually, I thought the basketball routine was really technical, and I'm sure you had to get your timing right to ensure the beats all blended together.

    Well done Erene. You really make us proud!

  3. Hey Eene
    What a great post about our fiafia night. The drumming group was pretty cool. My favorite part of the performance was the part when you guys got the basketball. That group was my favorite. Keep up the great post.