Wednesday, September 1, 2010

D'wayne's story

On Friday the 12th of March the extension group had a conference with D'wayne Edwards. He told us how he became a shoemaker,why he became a shoemaker. Just in case you don't know who D'wayne Edwards is? he is a Nike Shoe desinger.

His story all started off when he was 7. At this age he admired drawing and sketching. But it wasn't until he was eleven when he started to draw shoes. The weird thing was that he stuck to that topic and decided to draw shoes ever since. He knew that in his mind that there was a career ahead of him. And there was. His first shoe was an amazing shoe, but the thing is that it was designed long before it turned into reality.

I think he is a living model, sort of like Dr. Ben Solomen Carson. He is very insparational and can be someone you can lean on when you need help.

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