Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Minigolf Champion

On the first week of the holidays I went to sleep at my cousins house. I was really happy because I like sleepovers. I wonder what would happen the next day, propably Mini golf.

We had a cool night watching Rocky IV. I like Rocky and how he beat Ivan Drago. It was sad when Apollo Creed got killed and Rocky had to fight. It was good that he won.

The day came and I was wondering what we would do today. Thoughts hit my head out of control. I didn’t know what we were going to d truthfully, but i was really really desperate to know.

My Uncle told us to hop in the car. He told us we were going to a cool place. The cool place was “Minigolf”. It was the “Onehunga MiniGolf”. I had 1 of the worst starts in my first hole getting a 9 on a par 2.

I got better though. On hole 5 I had a streak of getting my ball in the hole first. I did that 4 times. On hole 9 I was bad again, getting a 6. I had the advantage out of everyboy though. I should be munting this game up. But I wasn’t, It was my 5 year old cousin. Who was winning.

It came up to the last hole, I won by one hit. It was a very awarding feeling, at the same time as a guilty feeling. I guess next time I guess I should go easy next time.

The End

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  1. Hi Erene,
    I know you love the sport - golf, so I'm not surprised that you won the mini-golf tournament. However, I do agree with you that maybe next time you should go easy on your opponents - especially if some are 5 years old.

    Erene, please go back and check some of your words in your recount because I think you may have forgotten to put the caps lock key on when typing. (I)

    Have a fantastic day.
    Remember to STOP....THINK...... AND DO!

    Love Mum