Monday, July 27, 2009

The All Blacks vs Australia (1st Half)

On Saturday the 18th of July, in Auckland, New Zealand. The All Blacks challenged Australia in rugby for the Bledislode cup. Australia said this was a special night because they have never beaten The All Blacks at Eden Park for 23 years. The kick off was kicked by Steven Donald and the game took off as Luke Burgess runs straight and hard. The Wallabies do not make much metres, so they decided to kick it out. That forced NZ to get the first lineout, but the Aussie forwards moved up in the lineout, then they were penalised. Just then the All Blacks lose the ball in the ruck and the first try Started of as by Adam Ashley-Cooper broke through the All Blacks defence and offloaded it to Berrick Barnes. That was the first try of the evening. Matt Giteau kicked the conversion and the ball went in to make the scores 7-0 to the Wallabies. Then the All Blacks struggle since they haven't broke Australia's line. Then they offer a penalty to the Australians and Stirling Mortlock chose to kick for the goal. Matt Giteau got the kick with ease. Steven Donald Then kicked the ball and in no longer then 3 minuets, the All Blacks decided to get there head in the game as they were offered a penalty to kick for goal. Unfortunately The wind blows the ball away from the post and there was no change to the scoreboard. Then Donald took another shot at goal, this time he was right in front of the post so he was definite to get this in; he got the kick turning the scoreboard into 10-3 to the Australians. After a while the All Blacks started to rest a bit when suddenly there was a turnover to the Wallabies. Aussie quickly made the most of there time and started to break through the All Blacks defence, But Mils stood firm and Luke Burgess Knocks it on. Just when we thought that the All Blacks was going to get a try. Another penalty was given to the Australians and they chose to kick; the kick was in. Then the All Blacks had another lineout and this time they caught there own lineout and dominated the Wallabies yards from Nonu's powerful runs. Finally the All Blacks get a beautiful try from Richie McCaw as he goes under the Australian defence and reaches out to get the try for the All Blacks. The Australia gets nervous and starts to lose the ball. Then the All Black was awarded a penalty; they chose to kick the ball but when the ball got high in the air, it drifted sidewards and there was no change to the scoreboard. Then Australia was close to the line but the ball flew right past the Wallabies and Richie McCaw caught the ball and ran straight past the Wallabies defence, luckly Jimmy Cowan was supporting McCaw and Richie offloaded it but the rain made the ball slippery in the pass and Cowan was unable to catch it. The Half-Time Siren goes and Australia are still in front 13-10.
Thanks to Rugby for the Eden Park stadium.


  1. Wow, that is an impressive commentary on the game Erene - you should consider a career as a commentator when you grow up - they get to travel all over the world and get paid for it !!
    Mrs Burt

  2. What an excellent piece of writing Erene. Well done I am very impresed. I loved the way you wrote about the action in an interesting way. I am amazed that you can remember the game in such detail. A great job.
    Ms Squires

  3. Hi Erene again,
    I have just read your draft of your trip to Rotorua. I hope you will get this published soon as I thought it was an excellent piece of writing and kept me rivetted. I think many people will be really interested to reaad it. Well done. You may like to thnk about paagraphing before you publish it though.
    I notice you have got a few good drafts that it would be great to get published. Keep up the fantastic work.
    Ms Squires

  4. Hi Erene,
    Your writing has improved immensely and I'm really proud of your achievements. I can tell you are taking more care in your work by proof-reading your writing so that it makes sense and also in the correct tense.
    I also think you'd be a good sports commentator as well as a New Zealand sports representative.
    Keep reaching high Erene,