Monday, June 15, 2009

My Top rated Superstars

My Top Rated Superstars of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Would be
1.John Cena's Finishing move is the five knuckle shuffle and his Signature move is the ** and his Submission hold is the T.S.*.* +Ric Flair was a great wrestler, not just because of his record for fighting in WWE for the longest, But also he had an amazing career for joining evolotion. Flair has currently sighnd to World Wrestling Entertainment. He is a 16-time world Heavyweight Champion (8-time NWA Chamion, 6-time WCW Champion, and 2 time WWE Champion. Now Ric Flair is a Hall of Famer.
2.Batista (Also known as the "Animal", Signature move is the Batista Bomb)
3.Undertaker(Also known as "The Dead Man" Signiture is the Chokeslam, The Triangle Hold,TombStone and the Last Ride)
4.D-generation-x (Shawn Michaels Signiture is the Sweet'n'Music and Triple H Signature move is the Pedigree)
5.Rey Mysterio( Signature move is the 619 and his Finishing move is the West Coast Pop)
6.Kane (The Signature move is the Chokeslam, The Triangle Hold,TombStone and the Last Ride- because Kane is UnderTakers brother)
7. Dwanye"The Rock" Johnson ( Signature move is the The Rock's elbow and his finisher is the rock bottom)
8. Hulk Hogan
9.Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Jake the snake roberts
10.Jeff "the rainbow haired "Hardy (Finisher is the swantang bomb) Jeff Hardy is not easy to fight because he never gives up.
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